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Temple of the Moon in Machu Picchu - Huayna Picchu

Home » Blog Machu Picchu » Temple of the Moon in Machu Picchu - Huayna Picchu
Home » Blog Machu Picchu » Temple of the Moon in Machu Picchu - Huayna Picchu

We continue touring the different sectors of Machu Picchu, but this time we go further, we will visit the Temple of the Moon also known as "The Great Cavern". To get there you must walk at least an hour and a little more, but it is one of the other constructions that continues to impress many tourists.

I will tell you a little more about this place before you visit it, such as where it is located, its history, when you can visit it, and how we can get to know the Temple of the Moon.

Where is the Moon Temple of Machu Picchu located?

Exactly, it is located on the north side of Huayna Picchu, for which you must walk an average of one hour on average, of course it will depend on how fit you are, maybe you can do it in more time or less, it all depends on the strength of your legs.

It is located in a little known place, few are the tourists who visit the underground temple or natural cave, the advantage is that you have it all to yourself.

Temple of the Moon at Machu Picchu - History

The Temple of the Moon or the Great Cavern is located at 2,050 m when H. Bingham discovered the citadel of Machu Picchu also came to visit the Temple of the Moon who designated it as the Great Cavern. Federico Kauffmann Doig mentioned that it was a very important center of worship, because the shape of the walls of this religious site were well worked.

It was also considered a site of fertility of the Pachamama or Mother Earth, a story told by the ancient inhabitants.

Historically, it could be said that it was built when they made the Inca city of Machu Picchu being now one of the most amazing and natural constructions; as seen in some Inca constructions, they showed admiration for such cavities or natural caves, as they believed they could connect with the world of the dead.

When you visit it you will realize that the Temple of the Moon is formed by 2 large rocks that form a natural cave, of this same rock was made a whole work by hand, also has a special finish, since they were made with Inca tools.

  • It is not clear what its function was, but it was considered a religious ceremonial site.
  • Some researchers mention that this was a sacrificial center, but this has not yet been proven.
  • It was built between two huge rocks, forming a natural cave with finely carved walls.

Visiting Hours

To visit the Temple of the Moon before you must buy your ticket to enter, for this you must book the circuit 4: Machu Picchu + Huayna Picchu llaqta this access allows you to visit the Temple of the Moon and Huayna Picchu Mountain where you have to ascend and climb to the top to have a viewpoint of the Inca citadel and all the mountains around you.

  • You can visit from 7:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., every time you visit Huayna Picchu.

Visiting the Temple of the Moon with Terandes.com

To visit the Temple of the Moon you can do it individually, however having a tour agency Terandes.com helps you to know in detail about the place, because our guides are specialized and have years of experience.

He will also provide you with all the necessary information and accompany you throughout your journey during your visit to Machu Picchu, the Great Cavern and more.

Imágenes del Templo de la Luna

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