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National Day of Peruvian Cuisine and Gastronomy

Home » Gastronomía Peruana » National Day of Peruvian Cuisine and Gastronomy
Home » Gastronomía Peruana » National Day of Peruvian Cuisine and Gastronomy
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Undoubtedly, Latin American cuisine is making its way more and more strongly in the wide gastronomic world.

Peru has been awarded as "World 's Leading Culinary Destination", this puts our country in the focus of interest of all those who wish to sweeten the palate with new flavors and sensations.

The gastronomy is mega diverse, this together with the great variety of ingredients that one can find in each region of the country, make Peru the ideal destination to taste dishes made with seafood, Andean cereals or Amazonian fruits.

Visit Peru and don't miss every wonderful taste hidden in its traditional dishes.

When is the Peruvian Cuisine and Gastronomy Day?

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Peruvians celebrate our ample gastronomy on the second Sunday of the month of September, a date that was approved by the Congress of the Republic more than a decade ago.

Peruvian cuisine, due to its great variety and extravagant flavors, has quickly risen in the lists of culinary destinations, even reaching a level equivalent to China, India and France.

All this not only because of the exquisite flavors that one can taste in each dish, but also because of the high nutritional value provided by each local ingredient, with more than 4,000 varieties of potato, 52 types of corn, quinoa, barley, kiwicha, a wide variety of seafood, and fruits from the jungle. Each dish becomes a source of delicious nutrients and vitamins.

When does Mistura take place in Peru?

Mistura Photos: advertising
Mistura Photos: advertising

The Mistura Gastronomic Festival, considered the most important gastronomic festival in South America. It is a fair that annually takes place in the city of Lima in the first half of September.

The fair consists of different “gastronomic worlds” in which are divided dishes from the coast, highlands and jungle, passing also through the worlds of desserts, drinks, barbecues, and fusion dishes.

Salida Fija A Costa Rica
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