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Peruvian Gastronomy of the Andean Highlands

December 26, 2022
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Surely you've heard of Peruvian cuisine for its variety of typical dishes, then you can learn about some delicious foods provided by the Andean highlands.


Pachamanca 900x623 - Peruvian Gastronomy of the Andean Highlands

In honor of mother earth, Pachamanca means "Pot of the earth", typical of the Peruvian highlands in Ayacucho, Junín, Huánuco and Huancavelica.

Declared Cultural Patrimony of the Nation, it has a national day that is celebrated every first Sunday of February with the transcendental relevance that it has since its origin in the Wari culture, then the Incas continued with the custom until today.

It is a dry dish, made of boiled food, containing beef, chicken, lamb, guinea pig and pork, plus corn, potatoes, beans, sweet potatoes, geese and humintas, accompanied by a spicy sauce. The way of cooking the Pachamanca is very original because you have to dig a trench where you put stones heated in firewood to introduce all the ingredients, then cover and let it cook for a few hours.

Fried Trout

Trucha frita 900x675 - Peruvian Gastronomy of the Andean Highlands
Fried Trout

Food of exquisite taste, is found in the regions of Lake Titicaca in Puno, Cusco, Ayacucho, Huancayo and among one or another region of the country.

The trout is simple to prepare, you look for the best prey to fry and serve with potatoes and salad, this dish is healthy for the nutrients and vitamins that the fish has such as potassium, iron, zinc and others.

Huancaina Potato

Papa a la huancaina 900x675 - Peruvian Gastronomy of the Andean Highlands
Huancaina Potato

According to the information of some gastronomic scholars, its creation dates back to the late nineteenth century when the dish was served as a starter of the banquet of the captain of the ship Miguel Grau Seminario, also that the Huancaina Potato was prepared in Huancayo, one of the women served the special sauce and nicknamed the huancaína.

Whatever the story is, it is certain that it originated in Peru and its ingredients are potato, cheese, milk, aji amarillo, crackers, egg, lettuce, black olives and salt and pepper to taste.

Stuffed Rocoto

Rocoto relleno 900x675 - Peruvian Gastronomy of the Andean Highlands
Stuffed Rocoto

A dish of exquisite spicy flavor, it is the most representative food of Arequipa, which has different legends and stories of the region, this delicacy contains large rocotos with egg filling, minced meat, diced onion, cheese, roasted peanuts, salt and pepper to taste.

Lamb's Head Broth

Caldo de Cabeza de Cordero 900x675 - Peruvian Gastronomy of the Andean Highlands
Lamb's Head Broth

The most famous and consumed food in Peru, try a hearty meal composed of lamb meat, white potato or yucca, rice, moraya, onion, oregano, parsley, salt and pepper to taste.

It is served mostly in the morning to start the day with the best energy, it is good for hangovers after a complicated night and offers proteins, vitamins and minerals that contribute to the development of the body.

Patasca or Mondongo

Patasca o Mondongo 900x675 - Peruvian Gastronomy of the Andean Highlands
Patasca O Mondongo

It is a delicious hot traditional stew from the high Andean areas of Peru, comes from the Quechua language Phatasca which in Spanish means burst or split and refers to the moment in which the corn boil opens.

The preparation is comforting because it is a hearty dish and very satisfying because it is made with pork, lamb and beef offal, chili seasoning and salt to taste.

Chicharrón de Chancho (pork rinds)

Chicharron de Chancho. 900x675 - Peruvian Gastronomy of the Andean Highlands
Chicharrón De Chancho. [email protected]

If we are talking about appetizing flavors, the Chicharrón de chancho is the best because it has fried pork meat with potatoes, sweet potatoes and corn. This dish comes from the consumption of pork by the Spaniards, which the Peruvians took to create a sinful delicacy to the palate.

It is a dish that is consumed in almost all regions of Peru, so every third Saturday of June is celebrated the Peruvian Chicharrón Day in honor of its exquisite taste. 

Corn Lawa

Lawa de Maiz 900x675 - Peruvian Gastronomy of the Andean Highlands
Corn Lawa

It is a soup that belongs to the gastronomy of Cusco, its greater consumption is given in the winter season, also in Easter.

It contains beneficial nutrients for the body because it is prepared with freshly harvested ripe corn, potatoes, eggs, beans. Onion, cheese, huacatay, parsley and salt to taste.

Charqui with Olluco

Charqui con Olluco 900x506 - Peruvian Gastronomy of the Andean Highlands
Charqui Con Olluco

Contiene el olluco y charqui que son ingredientes exclusivos del Perú, siendo uno de los platos tradicionales más antiguos del país con 4 500 años aproximadamente, luego en el imperio inca se consumió el olluco, pero deshidratado, pasaron más años y en las pampas de Junín se agregó el Charqui que es la carne cubierta con sal expuesta al sol por varios días, semanas o meses.

Nowadays, the combination of these two ingredients is still preserved and as a result they offer a unique taste of the Peruvian Andes that you can't miss.

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