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Cave of the bulls in Lampa, Cave of Lenzora

Home » Puno » Cave of the bulls in Lampa, Cave of Lenzora
Home » Puno » Cave of the bulls in Lampa, Cave of Lenzora

Cuevas del Toro, Cueva del Puma or officially called as the Cave of Lenzora is located in Lampa, department of Puno. It was declared as Cultural Patrimony of the Nation by the National Institute of Culture (INC) in 2003.

The place you will find a set of rocky shelters in which there are cave paintings, dated between 3000 and 5000 years old, in which the reddish pigmentation predominates.

They are famous for the variety of rock engravings you have, you can also meet anthropomorphic beings in which the hunting of alpacas and guanacos is evident, the drawings are characterized by showing movement from curves and a fine image.

Among his paintings, we can see that there are foxes and felines, as well as masks with a magical religious value that you can even see that the animals manifested respect. In the site was found around 40 drawings, among them 13 of the drawings have anthropomorphic theme, there is a mask, 27 camelids out of the 25 camelids and two felines and 12 men.

The size of the drawings will vary, as one of the figures found in the cave is about 40 cm high. Research indicates that there were at least two moments of occupation in the cave, as well as two known moments in the scenes.

Here you will see naturalistic figures that if they are known and the other is symbolic in which predominates the geometric figures, whose meaning is still a mystery.

Tourism in Las Cuevas del Toro

Are you looking for new adventures, mysterious destinations with a lot of history, then you must visit Las Cuevas del Toro, remains that possibly evidence a group of high Andean hunters or shepherds. Here you can do all kinds of tourism such as cultural tourism, vacation tourism, photographic tourism to capture that moment.

To get there you have to come by land from Juliaca to Lampa, and from Lampa follow the road to the Lenzona Cave; the entrance to this place is free, and I recommend you to visit it in the morning.

Images of the Cuevas del Toro

Cueva Del Toro Pintura Rupestre Lamay
Cueva Del Toro Cave Rock Painting Lamay Foto: Gaspar Miranda
Cueva De Lenzora Lampa
Cave Of Lenzora Lampa Foto: Carmi CE
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