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San Antonio de Padua Temple

Home » Puno » Churches and temples in Puno » San Antonio de Padua Temple
Home » Puno » Churches and temples in Puno » San Antonio de Padua Temple

The temple San Antonio de Padua, patron saint of the province of the same name, has a lot of history to discover, its colonial architecture reveals its transcendence in time, as well as the first replica of the Señor de los Milagros, and the main feast of its patron saint of Putina, Puno.

Description and attractions of the temple of San Antonio de Padua

In the department of Puno, exactly in the province of San Antonio de Putina is located the Temple of San Antonio de Padua, a beautiful colonial architectural wealth that was built entirely of lime and stone.

Due to its importance, in 1731 it was qualified as a sanctuary, a fact that shows its historical transcendence. At the beginning, the church establishes as its patron saint Nuestra Señora de la Concepción, and they call this temple as its resting place, however, some time later on August 22nd, 1736 it crowns a new patron saint known as San Antonio de Padua.

The main altar of the temple is made of plaster with some profiles, in the central part is the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception, has two side altars of wood with incredible carvings as you will find in the altarpieces.

In 2003, it was declared Cultural Heritage of the Nation by the National Institute of Culture (INC).

  • Attractions of the San Antonio de Padua Temple

Every year from the 19th to the 21st of June the festivity of the patron saint of this town, San Antonio de Padua, is celebrated, in which the 13 provinces of Puno participate, for which several religious, social and artistic activities are carried out.

On this date there are several "comparsas de morenada", typical dances, gastronomy, masses, processions, among others.

Inside the temple you can also find the first replica of the Lord of Miracles, as well as the image of the Christ of Pachacamilla, among its altars are the Peruvian saints San Martin de Porres and Santa Rosa de Lima.

Where is the church of San Antonio de Padua located?

The San Antonio de Padua temple is located on Ayacucho Street, two blocks from the Plaza de Armas. To visit the temple you should coordinate with your travel agency or with someone in charge of the temple.

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