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Temple of fertility of Chucuito

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Home » Puno » Churches and temples in Puno » Temple of fertility of Chucuito

Peru is one of the destinations with more cultural roots and is transmitted from generation to generation, obtaining several mystical centers as the archaeological site "Temple of fertility of Chucuito" located in the city of Chucuito in Puno, Inca construction that use as a place of worship to mother earth and fertility.

The site measures about 200 m2, bordered by a wall of stones that were finely carved, has about 80 stone phalluses, of course of different sizes. "Inca Uyo" derives from the Aymara and means "Inca virile member" in which offerings are made in gratitude for the miracle of fertility.

Temple of Fertility History

The Temple of fertility is located 28 kilometers from the city of Puno, according to historical data in the 40 were found, ceramics, stone, metals and some bone devices; likewise it was revealed that the excavation was under construction for the arrival of the Spanish conquerors.

Then, thirty years later Dr. Alberto Bueno Mendoza and his staff proceeded with a second excavation finding remains of canals, colonial construction foundations and also about 75 lithic sculptures of different sizes and shapes that did not specify exactly what they really were.

Then we could say that the origin of these sculptures are uncertain; however, other specialists comment that in the place there were no such figures, since there are no records, it is also presumed that in the place the lithic sculptures found were ceremonial in nature and was intended for rituals of political and religious nature.

As I indicated the origin was not found, but it is said that it was built on the initiative of a local resident in order to attract tourists and over time the site became important and very visited, perhaps more by women.

Also, it is known that it all originated from a myth and nowadays it is widely accepted by many people, who have the desire to have babies, being one of the great attractions of the highlands.

To be a mother you have to do the rite with coca leaves and chicha de maíz, in which the woman already seated on the phallus has to pour the chicha and if the liquid goes to the center, then she could have children, but if it goes to the sides she would not have the opportunity to be a mother.

T. De La Fertilidad
Temple of Fertility of Chucuito

What does the Inca Uyo mean

Inca Uyo or known as the Temple of fertility, in the beginning it had the purpose of being an usnho, a place to worship the mother earth and her fertility, in which they worshipped the crops that the Inca inhabitants had.

The temple has an area of 200 square meters and is surrounded by a wall of stones that are finely carved, inside you will see a stone wall, but smaller; the buildings together with the exterior helped the settler to determine the precise times for the realization of agricultural production.

Some time later it was considered as a fertilization temple that helps several women to become mothers through a rite that they practice and this decides if they will be mothers in the future or not as well.

It may seem like an unbelievable story, but in reality there has been evidence of women who later became pregnant and for them they go to the place every year to thank the Inca deities, the Apus, for having made possible the miracle of becoming a mother.

How to get to the temple of fertility Puno

Para llegar a este sitio arqueológico, tienes dos opciones, la primera es ir en un tour guiado y la segunda es ir por cuenta propia.

Guided tour: Half day tour.

  • They pick you up from your hotel and go to Chucuito - Temple of fertility, approximate time to get there is 30 min.
  • In the place you will visit rural churches dating from the seventeenth and eighteenth century that was built by Jesuit priests.
  • Then you will visit the Temple of Fertility or Inca Uyo.
  • A tour of other tourist sites in Chucuito is made.

On your own account:

  • You must take a taxi that takes you to the city of Chucuito.
  • Once in place you must take a bus that leaves you at the Temple of Fertility, the trip takes 20 minutes.
  • Here you can visit the Plaza de Armas, the fertility temple and the church of Asunción.
  • Finally, you can visit the trout farm, fifteen minutes from the Plaza.

You can do the trip on your own, but if you are short of time, then you have to take a guided tour, in which you already have a programmed itinerary.

Temple of Fertility where it is

It is located in the city of Chucuito, 25 minutes from Puno, near the shore of Lake Titicaca.

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