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Temple of La Merced in Puno

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Home » Puno » Churches and temples in Puno » Temple of La Merced in Puno
November 22, 2022
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Visiting one of the historic temples of Puno will be like going back in history, each temple in Puno shows us a main feature that was lived at that time, this time we will talk about the temple of La Merced of Puno.

The temple was built on the initiative of his devout parishioners, which highlights the republican style, and has a single tower and bell tower.

History of the Church of La Merced of Puno

Templo De La Maerced Puno
Temple Of La Merced Puno

The church La Merced or Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes temple was built in 1889, a republican work that was built with rock, iron and cement, and what makes it unique from the others is that in its construction predominates the pink to reddish color.

This great religious architecture was built by the initiative of his faithful devotees, who commissioned its construction to Don Gregorio Moroco L. and was reopened in 1959. Some time later it was refurbished in 1995.

Another of its characteristics is that it only has a bell tower unlike the other temples, its external infrastructure ends in a dome and on it a cross with ornamental sentinels, the tower has a clock with four circular faces that also stand out from the others.

The back of the church has a dome with several windows that keep illuminated the entire interior of the church, inside La Merced you can find very original representative objects.

Y lo que llama la atención en el interior del templo es que sus veleros tienen la forma de sikus (elemento característico del altiplano) y otros objetos que están hechos de una madera especial, en 1995 también se remodeló la parte interna del templo.

Location of the Church of La Merced

The Church of La Merced is exactly in the Plaza de Bolognesi in Juliaca, and you can visit it all week with total normality.

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