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Taquile Island Tours

Taquile Island has a lot of things to see and interesting places to visit, going through the waters of Taquile will help you connect with the Mama Cocha, know their mountains, customs, dances, lifestyles, weavings, among others.

Taquile Island Tour from Arequipa

From the city of Arequipa, we will travel about 5 or 6 hours to Lake Titicaca - Puno. In Taquile Island you will learn about the techniques of ancestral textile art, ways of cultivation, lifestyle, architecture and other attractions.

Itinerary Summary

  • Day 1: Arequipa - Puno

Early in the morning we leave Arequipa city to Puno, on the way we will make some stops in some rural villages, in order to visit and see that they still maintain their customs from pre-Inca times, once finished the visits, the journey will be direct to the city of Puno.

We arrive in the afternoon and transfer you to your hotel to rest and the next day continue our trip to Taquile.

  • Day 2: Boat ride to Taquile Island

The next day we pick you up from your hotel and transfer you to the Port of Puno to go by boat to Taquile Island, during our tour we will make a stop (optional) to visit the Uros Island for approximately 45 minutes.

After that time we go directly to Taquile, to know their philosophy of life, with the Inca mottos "Do not steal, do not lie, do not be idle", also the Taquileños preserve the technique of textile art since pre-Inca times.

We will make some walks around the island, we will observe the nature that surrounds it and we will share a typical lunch of the area, finished our visit we return to Puno and we will transfer you to your hotel and depending on the flight time we will take you to the airport of Juliaca and return to your place of destination.

Taquile Island Tour From Cusco

To visit Taquile from Cusco, we will visit some important sites such as the Ruta del Sol, once in Puno we will go to the Port of Puno to visit Taquile Island.

Itinerary Summary

  • Day 1: Cusco - Puno

We leave at 7:30 am, we pick you up from your hotel to start our trip to Puno, on the way we will visit some tourist sites of the Ruta del Sol.

Between 8:50 am we will arrive to the Andahuaylillas Chapel, the time of visit lasts about 40 minutes, then we continue our trip and make a stop at the Archaeological Complex of Raqchi with a view of 40 minutes.

On the way, we will make a stop in Sicuani for lunch and then continue the trip, this time we will climb to the highest part of the route the Abra de la Raya, place to take some pictures, but the stop here will be short because the cold is strong.

The last stop of the Ruta del Sol is at the Pukara Lithic Museum and we stay for 30 minutes to go straight to the folkloric city of Puno, we arrive at the hotel and rest.

  • Day 2: Puno - Taquile Island

We start from 7:30 am, transfer from the hotel to the Port of Puno, here we will take a boat that does not lead to Taquile Island, but we will have to make a short stop (optional). We will visit the Uros Island to learn more about the management of totora reeds and the importance for this community.

In addition, you will be able to see the base of constructions of the floating island of the Uros, means of transport and commerce.

After this short stop, we will continue to the island of Taquile. Once we arrive at the port of Taquile, we will have to walk an hour to reach the village itself, and in the village we will observe the landscape, the customs of the inhabitants, weaving, etc.

We will have lunch in a local restaurant with a typical meal, in most cases based on trout; then we will take a walk around the island in which we will get to know the coexistence of the inhabitants, and how they live through their textiles.

After a certain time we will return to the city of Puno and transfer you to your hotel and depending on the flight time we will take you to the airport of Juliaca and return to your destination.

Taquile Island Tour From Lima

From the capital of Lima, we will take a flight, here we have two options to get to the city of Puno. The first one is to come to the city of Cusco and the second option is to go to Arequipa to get to Puno.

Itinerary Summary

From Cusco: To get to Puno from Lima, we have to fly to Cusco, once here we will have to go by bus or there is also the option of making a stopover in Cusco and then go to Juliaca, because Puno has no airport.

Once you arrive in Puno, we transfer you from your hotel to the port and take one of the boats that will take us to Taquile Island, above is the detailed itinerary to visit Taquile from Cusco.

From Arequipa: The same, to get to Puno we must fly from Lima to Arequipa, from this city we will leave by bus, as I detail in the first paragraphs you will visit some villages, then you will come directly to Puno, once here you will go to Taquile Island.

Check the above Taquile Island tour from Arequipa, where I specify the complete itinerary and visiting time.

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