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Yuspike Island | Yuspique

Yuspique is another of the Wiñaymarca islands and also has many attractive places. Its inhabitants still preserve their ancestral customs and practices.

In the place you will see a reserve of vicuñas, characteristically these are smaller than llamas, but their wool is the finest in the world, here you can do experiential tourism and tour part of the area on foot and by boat.

Where is Yuspike Island located?

Yuspike Island is located in Lake Wiñaymarca, near the border of Bolivia, at an altitude of 3800 meters above sea level, is located southwest of Limina Island and northwest of Anapia Island.

What to see in Yupique Island?

As I mentioned above, here you can do experiential tourism and learn about their customs, culture, language and daily lifestyle.

You can also sail to the islands of the vicuñas, hike to see all the flora and fauna that inhabit the place, climb to the viewpoint of the archipelago and contemplate the vicuñas.

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