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Viewpoint of the Cross of the Condor, Arequipa

Home » Arequipa » What to do in the Colca Canyon, Peru » Viewpoint of the Cross of the Condor, Arequipa
Home » Arequipa » What to do in the Colca Canyon, Peru » Viewpoint of the Cross of the Condor, Arequipa

The viewpoint Cross of the Condor is one of the most incredible views that the city of Arequipa has to offer, because from here you can admire the sacred birds of the Andean sky, namely the flight of condors in this area; a spectacle that can only be enjoyed at this point.

In addition, the Colca is another of the most visited attractions in Peru in which we can find several viewpoints such as the Cruz of Condor, the viewpoint Antahuilque, the viewpoint of the Volcanoes among other viewpoints but none as to see the flight of the condors.

As we know the Andean condor is one of the most appreciated birds by the pre Incas and Incas because it represented the Hanan Pacha (the world above), therefore among their sculptures, ceramics and drawings the Andean world represented them as sacred birds, hence their importance.

What can you see and do at the viewpoint Cross of the Condor?

Once we are at the Cruz del Condor viewpoint, from there you can first appreciate the beautiful landscape of the Colca Canyon that has a depth of 4 160 meters deep, which has some major players and only appear in the early hours of the morning, although you can appreciate them during the day as well.

But, as I was saying, the main actors of this scenario are the condors that have a height of 1.3 meters and reach 3.5 meters with their wings extended, it is the second largest bird in the world after the Ostrich.

This bird weighs up to 15 kilos and is a flying god, as it can fly long distances and feeds on carrion or decaying meat.

Where is it located?

The Cross of the Condor is located in the upper part of the Colca Canyon at an altitude of 3,800 masl, from the city of Arequipa is located 200 km by road, however, you can visit from Cabanaconde which is 12 km away.

Entry Hours

Usually, to enter this viewpoint you can do it between 8:00 and 10:00 in the morning, between these hours you can better appreciate the flight of the condors, and during the day you can see but it is scarce.

Why visit the Cross of the Condor with Terandes?

Actually there are two ways to visit the Cross of the Condor, you can do it personally, this means that you go at your own pace and means, however, it is best to do it by hiring the services of a tourism agency such as Terandes.

Because when you do it personally you can do it, but it will take you more time to travel or look for better places to visit. When you hire a tour package they offer you more options and also give you more information about the place you are visiting so you know more about the Andean culture.

Tips for visiting the Cross of the Condor

As the viewpoint is at an altitude of 3,800 meters above sea level, it has a cold climate, so if you go very early you will feel too cold, so I recommend that you take with you the following:

  • Warm but light clothing (jacket, pants, hats, gloves, etc.)
  • Pills for altitude sickness, headache, nausea or fatigue.
  • Always carry lemon candy or coke.
  • Trekking shoes, hats and sun block.

Images of the Cross of the Condor

Condor Del Colca 1
Colca Condor
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