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Patapampa Pass - Chivay

Home » Arequipa » What to do in the Colca Canyon, Peru » Patapampa Pass - Chivay
Home » Arequipa » What to do in the Colca Canyon, Peru » Patapampa Pass - Chivay

Every adventurous traveler is fascinated by walking through desolate landscapes, to hear everything you want to tell him throughout the hike, these moments are incredibly unforgettable; a clear example is when you pass through the Abra Patapampa, a place covered with snow.

I tell you more about this magnificent place, the Patapampa pass is at an altitude of 4,910 meters above sea level, from which you can see the whole panorama of the landscape that surrounds this place of Arequipa and the Colca Valley.

From this place you can have a better view of the imposing and majestic Ampato volcano (6,290 meters above sea level), but not only that, it is also important because archaeological remains of great importance for Peru were found there.

What to see and do in Patapampa?

When you pass through the Patapampa pass you will notice that this place is covered with a thin layer of snow, also from this beautiful place you can see the most important volcanoes of Arequipa.

Therefore it is important to make a stop in Patapampa, where you can buy local crafts of the place, a form of collaboration with the locals; likewise travelers are more interested in cultural tourism, because on the way you can see a building of stones called apachetas made by all the adventurers who passed through that place, the bigger they are the better your wishes are fulfilled and you have to do them with great faith.

Viewpoint of the volcanoes at Patapampa

The viewpoint of Patapampa volcanoes is the highest point of the route Arequipa to the Colca Valley, Chivay, is located at 4910 meters above sea level. This place is 2 and a half hours from the city, this is the best place to observe the volcanoes and snow-capped mountains of Arequipa.

From this point you can see the Hualca Hualca volcano (6025 m.a.s.l.), the main Apu of the Cabana ethnic group since ancient times, the Sabancaya volcano (5976 m.a.s.l.) this is an active volcano since 1986; however, in recent years the volcanic activity has been increasing because of this you can constantly witness eruptions of ash for miles away.

We can also reach the Ampato volcano (6288 m.a.s.l.), which is covered with a layer of snow, this place is important because that is where the lady of Ampato or the Mummy Juanita was discovered. At this viewpoint you can make a stop to buy local handicrafts such as gloves, hats and wool scarves and take some pictures to remember.

How to get to Patapampa?

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