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Huito stone forest, Pampamarca Arequipa

Home » Arequipa » Cotahuasi Canyon, Arequipa » Huito stone forest, Pampamarca Arequipa
Home » Arequipa » Cotahuasi Canyon, Arequipa » Huito stone forest, Pampamarca Arequipa

Are you planning to travel this weekend? But, you do not know what place to visit in Arequipa, I have the alternative to visit one of the best landscapes; is the Piedras Huito Forest, a magical and mystical place.

This magical destination has one of the most incredible views, because its geological formation of volcanic rock adapted different shapes by the erosion of wind and rain, which is why it has that conical shape with a height of up to 15 meters and 15 cm.

The place is at an altitude of 4,000 meters above sea level and you can visit it from Pampamarca, exactly at the head of the Huito hill, who is the tutelary Apu of the Pampamarca people.

This tourist destination is considered an archaeological center, according to historians the place was possibly an archaeological citadel, since there were found traces of cave paintings that belonged to the Wari culture.

All the findings pointed to Wari, from the forest of stones you can also see the river and canyon Cotahuasi, from this viewpoint you can clearly see the town of Pumamarca, its andenerias and annexed villages.

Where is the Bosque de Piedras de Huito located?

What to see and do in Pampamarca, Arequipa?

  • Castilllos de Huito:

Once you visit this tourist attraction you will be able to see a variety of shapes in the volcanic rocks, which with the erosion of wind and rain has been forming the rock in the form of castles from large to small.

  • Natural viewpoint

From the top of this forest of stones has a viewpoint that allows you to see everything that surrounds it as the river, Cotahuasi canyon, the surrounding villages and other natural geography.

If you are thinking of traveling, the ideal would be to hire a 2-day tour to Cotahuasi that will not only take you through the Huito Stone Forest, but you can also visit the Catahuasi Canyon, one of the deepest canyons with its various attractions.

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