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Cotahuasi Canyon, Arequipa

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The Cotahuasi canyon is the fourth deepest canyon in the world, however, it is not as visited as the Colca canyon. The Cotahuasi has beautiful landscapes where visitors can enjoy the Sipia waterfalls, thermal baths and appreciate the shape of the canyon.

The canyon of Cotahuasi has a depth of 3,535 meters, in it there are rivers, lagoons, mountains, ravines, terraces and more spectacular views. It is also considered a Landscape Reserve protected by the Peruvian State.

According to historians, we are told that the place was inhabited by the Wari from the VII century, XIII after the town was conquered by the Spaniards, roads, terraces and more were built. But, at present this place became another tourist attraction with many things to show and show.

Where is Cotahuasi Canyon located?

It is located in the district of Cotahuasi, province of La Union de Arequipa, to reach this beautiful place you must hire a tour to have a better view and know better the places of this canyon.

What is the deepest canyon in Peru?

Among the deepest canyons in Peru, we find Cotahuasi, with an area of 15,998 km², a natural reserve that includes snow-capped mountains and volcanoes with an altitude of 6,093 meters and is at a distance of 400 km from Arequipa.


The Cotahuasi canyon has a depth of 3,535 meters and was originated by the erosion of the river.

Tourism in Cotahuasi

To get to the Cotahuasi canyon you must hire a tour that will take you to the canyon and other destinations in Arequipa. You will see the extensive temples and archaeological sites and ancient terraces that surround the canyon, not only that you can also see snow-capped mountains, volcanoes, waterfalls, stone forests, hot springs.

There are also cave paintings, archaeological sites, experiential tourism, so it is considered as adventure tourism in which you can practice a variety of sports that we will mention below:

What to see and do in Cotahuasi?

  • Cotahuasi Valley

In this valley inhabit Andean people who still keep traditions, customs, likewise, you can see the huge stone forests, waterfalls, flora and fauna. That's not all, you can be part of them and live with the locals, learn about their culture and more.

  • Sipia Falls

This is another attraction that the Cotahuasi canyon offers us, the Sipia waterfall is one of the attractions that stands out in this place, the fall occurs at a height of 500 meters from 3 places, here you can practice cycling, rock climbing, and go to take good pictures.

  • Luicho Hot Springs

As I mentioned at the beginning, the canyon also has volcanoes and as a result, the thermal baths are one of the most visited recreational centers in the province of La Union. The baths have three pools of hot water, one outdoors and another covered with a roof and reaches a temperature of 33 ° C to 38 ° C.

As you know its waters are recommended for people who have discomfort, muscular ailments, rheumatism, stress, arthritis and more, it is highly recommended for tourists visiting this beautiful place.

  • Giant Cactus Forest

This place has imposing cacti that measure 12 to 13 meters long, located in Judio Pampa of the Quechualla village.

  • Can do sports

There are a variety of sports you can do, for example paragliding, trekking, cycling, climbing, fishing and horseback riding.

  • Experiential Tourism

If you are interested in learning more about the people, their language, lifestyle, traditions, culture, churches and walking through their streets then you should visit the villages surrounding the Catahuasi Canyon.

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