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Sipia Waterfall Tourism

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Home » Arequipa » Cotahuasi Canyon, Arequipa » Sipia Waterfall Tourism

The tourist destination of the Catarata de Sipia is of astonishment and charm for visitors who decide to spend a pleasant moment in a personal way and in the company of friends, family or a special person.

This waterfall consists of 150 meters in waterfall, maintains a very powerful descent, but at the same time generates relaxation. In this space you will also discover a formation of a small canyon with vertical walls of more than 400 meters that gives way to the view of a valley.

Where is the Sipia waterfall located?

The Catarata de Sipia is part of the Cañón de Cotahuasi, which is located in the district of Toro, province of La Unión in the Arequipa region.

Entry Hours

The entrance to the Sipia Waterfall is free and it is available all day. With the recommendation to go in the morning to have a little more time to better appreciate the scenery of the moment.

What to see and do in Sipia Waterfall?

To get to the Sipia Waterfall we take a car from Tambillo de Arequipa, then continue through the town of Santa Isabel and then make a walk of less than an hour to reach the destination. During the journey we will observe the scenery, enjoy the refreshing place, indicated to give a necessary respite and record on camera the best moments.

The fall of the waterfall has an impressive force, which gives it a sound that echoes with the rocks in the area, you can also visualize how some drops of these generate the image of the rainbow. It is a natural resource that is complemented by the surrounding environment, which causes in your being the feeling of freedom and peace.

An experience that you need to know in this special adventure. Tierras de los Andes, recommends traveling from the month of May because the rainy season ends, the presence of the river will be lower and you can better appreciate the road to the Sipia Waterfall.


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