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San Camilo Market, Arequipa

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The San Camilo Market, Arequipa has an antiquity of more than 140 years, is the largest and most famous market being visited by all tourists and locals who are in this beautiful city.

In this food market you can find everything from edible products (stuffed rocotos, ceviche, tres esquinas bread), handicrafts, utensils and you can even see the sculptures of San Camilo, the Lord of Forgiveness and San Pedro.

The market is considered Historical Monumental Patrimony of the city in 1987, and it is also Cultural Patrimony of the Nation of Peru. It is difficult not to visit it because it is located a few meters from the main square of Arequipa.

History of the San Camilo Market

The San Camilo market dates from January 6, 1881 being the first market of Arequipa, in the beginning the market area was a church of the order of the Camilianos, faithful to San Camilo de Lellis. It is said that this church was abandoned and occupied first by the pioneers of the Red Cross who used it as a military hospital during the civil war between Salavery and Santa Cruz.

After a terrible earthquake that the city of Arequipa suffered, they had to vacate the place, as it is known Arequipa did not have a market of supplies, and they sold their products in grocery stores that today we would call large warehouses and on Sundays as in any city was sold on Sundays in the Plaza Mayor in awnings.

Years later they decide to take the old church and in 1881 it takes its place as San Camilo Market and in 1938 it is built with a new metal infrastructure similar to the San Pedro Cusco market, which many claim was designed by Gustave Eiffel.

It bears the name of San Camilo as we mentioned before, because the church of the order of the Camillians used to be there, hence the current name.

Mercado De San Camilo Arequipa
San Camilo Market Arequipa Foto: @sararaggiii

Where is the San Camilo Market located?

The San Camilo market is located between Alto de la Luna, Peru, San Camilo and Pierola streets in the historic center of the White City.

How to get to San Camilo Market?

The San Camilo Market is located about 700 meters from the Plaza de Armas of Arequipa, to get there you can easily go on foot for it you must go to Alvarez Thomas Street to San Camilo Street and you get to the market.

It takes about 10 minutes on foot, but if you want to go by taxi it will take you less time and the fare is 5 soles.

What to see and do in Arequipa's San Camilo Market?

San Camilo is a large town where you will find a diversity of food, handicrafts, among others:

Have the traditional adobo for breakfast, as they say a lot after a Saturday bender you should eat the delicious adobo (deadlift) and the best ones can be found in the San Camilo market.

Adobo Arequipeno
Adobo Arequipeño

To eat the traditional stuffed rocoto, you can find it in the picanterias of Arequipa, but don't forget that the homemade flavor and reasonable price are in the market of San Camilo.

Rocot Relleno Arequipeno
Arequipa Stuffed Rocoto

Arequipa handicrafts, ideal to take home as a personal or family souvenir, here you will find from dolls, ceramics, key chains, etc.

Sections of the market, it is true that you can get lost in the market because it is divided between sections of food, fruits, dairy, medicinal herbs, offerings and more.

Religious procession, on the Saturday of Holy Week the image of the Lord of Forgiveness is carried in procession through the interior of the market.

San Camilo's Patronal Festivity, every July 14th the image of San Camilo is celebrated with a ceremony, musical band and dances, which is taken out of its showcase and once the festivity is over it returns until next year.

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