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Guide to the Streets and Squares of Cusco: Discover the Hidden Gems

Home » Cusco » Guide to the Streets and Squares of Cusco: Discover the Hidden Gems
Home » Cusco » Guide to the Streets and Squares of Cusco: Discover the Hidden Gems

Cusco, imperial city and considered one of the most beautiful, in which we can see all its history that comes from the Inca, colonial and republican that left us remains as its streets and squares that many have a history and a reason for its creation.

If you are in Cusco, then you should not miss to visit all its squares and narrow streets that still have Inca traces with a particular architecture, a beautiful city that over time was growing.

5 Most important streets of Cusco

Below I will detail the most important streets of Cusco that you have to visit:

Calle Hatun Rumiyoc

One of the most visited streets by tourists, it is also unforgivable not to go if you are in Cusco because here is the famous "stone of the 12 angles" which is located on the wall. The street is a few steps above the Plaza Mayor of Cusco and you could say that it is the perfect place to take a souvenir photo.

You can visit it free of charge and it is hard to miss.

Cuesta San Blas

This is another very busy street for our tourist friends, also the neighborhood is well known for having artists who were born there. When you visit this street you will notice that there are several craft stores that seek to keep alive the tradition of the ancient artisans of Cusco.

This road takes you to the Plazoleta de San Blas which is full of tourists from different places and you will also find the famous church of San Blas.

Siete Borreguitos Street

Also known as "El callejón de los borreguitos", it is very famous and Instagrammable, the street takes you directly to the Huaca de Sapantiana and the San Cristobal neighborhood, currently this is visited by tourists because there usually go down the ladies in traditional costume with their llamas or vicuñas so that visitors can take some pictures.

But, that's not all, the street is also adorned with some flowers, full of colors, a must to visit and then go to Sapantiana.

Loreto Street

This street is also very popular, as it is located next to the church of the Society of Jesus, is a passage that connects from Maruri Street to the Plaza de Armas. In Inca times this street was part of the Huayna Capac palace also known as Amaru Cancha and it is said that it also took you to the Acllahuasi.

Typical street that you passed by and didn't notice or if you just visited Cusco, you will have to visit it.

El Sol Avenue

This road is the busiest and is located in the center of the historic city of Cusco, known as Mutuchaka in Spanish colored bridge, here you will find several institutions such as banks, restaurants, train agencies, airlines and others.

Also along this long avenue is the largest mural in Latin America that explains the history of the city, you should also visit it to learn more about what happened in history.

5 Most important squares in Cusco

Below I will detail the most important places in Cusco that you have to visit:

Cusco Main Square

The Plaza de Armas, Plaza Mayor or formerly Plaza Huacaypata, Plaza del Guerrero is one of the most popular squares for visitors. According to chroniclers mentioned that this square was originally a swamp and that the Incas dried it to then build a religious and administrative center of the Incas.

In the beginning here were the Inca palaces and important temples, but when the Spaniards arrived they destroyed everything to build on these new churches, houses that until now we can see. Also in the Plaza Mayor, historical events such as the execution of Tupac Amaru II took place, today we can see that it is surrounded by craft stores, restaurants, jewelry, etc..

Regocijo Square

It is very visited because here is the municipal palace of Cusco, is a few steps from the Plaza Mayor and Plaza San Francisco, also busy place in the city. Historically, it is said that in these three squares mentioned ceremonies such as the Inti Raymi among others were held.

If you are walking in this place you should enter the municipal palace and go to the museum that is located in the place, you can also take a picture with the municipal palace and the water fountain.

Santo Domingo Square

Plaza Santo Domingo
Santo Domingo Square

It is located about 15 minutes from the Plaza Mayor, is built near the temple of Qoricancha, although it is very small is very relevant because it is one of the most primordial temples of the Inca era that was destroyed by the Spanish and built the convent of Santo Domingo.

Next to the square is the Qoricancha museum where you can see some Inca traces and learn more about Inca history.

San Blas Square

Plaza De San Blas Cusco
San Blas Square Cusco

The San Blas square is close to the main square and is very popular with tourists, formerly there was an Inca sanctuary where they worshiped the god Illapa (thunder god) and it is considered one of the oldest places in the city.

This place is surrounded by renowned Cusquenian artisans, you will also find handicraft and painting stores, the church and a colorful water fountain at night.

San Cristobal Square

Plaza San Cristobal
San Cristobal Square

It is located in the Inca neighborhood of Qolqanpata on the way to the fortress of Sacsayhuaman, this square was built by the Indian chief Cristobal Paulla, in it you will also find a church that bears the same name.

If you want to have a better view and appreciate the beauty of the city of Cusco you can take a picture here, because it works as a viewpoint and is instagrammable.

These are some of the most visited or important squares and streets of the city of Cusco, to visit each of them and have better experiences in the city of Cusco, Tierra de los Andes facilitates you with all the tours it has to visit the city of Cusco, Machu Picchu, Ollantaytambo, etc..

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