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Almirante Street, Cusco

The Calle del Almirante is next to the Cathedral of Cusco, is a passage of stones that transports you to the historical past of Peru.

During the Inca period, Almirante Street belonged to the palace built for the Inca Huáscar and with the arrival of the Spaniards, the space was used for the construction of a colonial mansion where different characters lived such as Viceroy José de la Serna and Admiral Francisco Alderete Maldonado, after whom it is named.

What to see and do in Almirante Street?

As you walk down this street you can take souvenir photographs with friends or family. In addition, you can appreciate the Admiral's Palace, built in the seventeenth century and currently serves as an art exhibition space. This place is called the Inca Museum because it has various works belonging to the Tahuantinsuyo Empire.

Another part, you can visit the Plaza Tricentenaria, this space has water fountains that refresh your being, you can take a break and take some pictures of the site that shows a wonderful view of the cathedral and the main square of the city.

Admiral's Palace
Admiral's Palace
View of the Plaza Tricentenaria
View of the Plaza Tricentenaria

How to get there?

To get to the Calle del Almirante you can take a private or public transport vehicle that will drop you off at the destination and if you are near the Plaza Mayor of Cusco you should walk to the side of the Basilica Cathedral of Cusco, where the place is located.

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