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Marques Street in Cusco

Marques Street is one of the busiest streets that takes you directly to the Main square of Cusco, it is used by locals and foreign visitors.

Marquis in Inca times was the main entrance to the Inca Huacaypata or as we now call it Plaza Mayor of Cusco. Around it, large houses were built, such as the house of the Marquis of San Lorenzo de Valleumbrosos, a building declared a National Monument.

From there the name of Marqués arises and it stays with such denomination, at the moment this large house is being occupied by the National University Diego Quispe Tito.

Where is Marquis Street located?

To get to this busy street from the Plaza de Armas Cusco you must come straight up to the temple of La Merced, from there you look to the front in the direction of the Plazoleta de San Francisco, just that busy street where people come and go, that is Marques Street.

What to see and do in Calle Marqués de Cusco?

Universidad Nacional Diego Quispe Tito, which has different professional careers and generally produces dolls in reference to a controversial character of the month.

Gallery of handicrafts, you will find a store where it sells clothes, backpacks all made of vicuña and alpaca fiber.

Variety of commercial stores, restaurants, tattos, kiosks, among other businesses.

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