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San Blas Square, Cusco

The Plaza de San Blas is a very special place in the city of Cusco that presents different interesting spaces that you can visit.

This small square belongs to the neighborhood of San Blas that during the Inca period was known as T'oqokachi, a Quechua word that means "Salt Cave". In addition, in this site were found the mortal remains of Pachacutec, so it is understood that the place was part of the Inca elite.

It is a wonderful place for having cobblestone streets, which through a slope you reach the destination and on the way you can take your best pictures of the memory with a panoramic view of the historic center of Cusco.

It is common to encounter handicraft vendors or Andean women with llamas in case you like to get instagrammable moments inside the Plazoleta de Belen or near the spot.

What to see and do in Plazoleta de San Blas?

When you reach the Plazoleta de San Blas you will appreciate the Paccha or water fountain that descends in a peculiar way, you can take a break and visit the most attractive nearby areas of the site.

  • Mirador de San Blas, this visual point is one of the most visited for having the panoramic background of the city of Cusco, from there you can get the best shots of photography and video.
  • Temple of San Blas, is one of the oldest monuments in the city of Cusco, which highlights the canvases of the Cusco School, faces of archangels in wood and the coronation of the virgin.
  • Galleries, very close to the Plazoleta de San Blas, there are stalls for the exhibition and sale of handicrafts.
  • Museo Taller Hilario Mendivil, for art lovers, is this museum that presents the elaborate works of the great artist Hilario Mendivil, which stands out for having religious images of elongated neck, similar to the llama and alpaca.
  • Restaurants, where you can enjoy various typical dishes of the region and find foreign food.
  • Bars that you can visit with friends or family to spend a special moment.
  • Hotels, the Barrio de San Blas is a good spot within the city to take a break or spend the night because it has well-decorated white houses and Andean environments.
Plaza de San Blas
Plaza de San Blas

How to get to Plazoleta San Blas from the Plaza de Armas?

If you are in the Plaza de Armas of Cusco, you can go in a private vehicle that leaves you near the Plazoleta de San Blas or walk in the direction of Triunfo Street, followed by Hatun Rumiyoc, Cuesta de San Blas and Carmen Bajo to reach the desired point.

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