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San Sebastian Square, Cusco

The Plaza de San Sebastian is located in the western part of the district of Cusco, one of the places that still retains the Inca and colonial architecture; also on this site we will find a colonial church that keeps the patron saint of San Sebastian, likewise there is the district municipality, among other stores.

What to see and do in San Sebastian's Plaza de Armas?

There are few things that we can see in this Plaza de Armas; however, there is a special date in which all the ccha'mpas nickname given to them because in the beginning they were dedicated to agriculture, especially in horticulture, so they kept that nickname.

As I was telling you, this district has a big party that happens on January 20 and the main concentration is in the Plaza de Armas of San Sebastian, we are talking about the Patron Saint of San Sebastian that is celebrated on this special day accompanied by dances, musical band contests, gastronomy among other activities.

Dancers and stewards prepare months in advance for the festival, and some 25 different dances are performed in a single day.

We will also find the District Municipality of San Sebastian, a regulatory body at his side we find the chapel of the Lord Ecce Omo important character of the district.

Be sure to visit the Temple of San Sebastian where is the patron saint of San Sebastian, sphinx made by the sculptor Melchor Huaman Maita sebastiano in 1683, the colonial temple has two towers that were built at different times and were directed by sculptors and architects natives of San Sebastian.

Among them are Francisco Sayri Tupac, Anselmo Quispesucso, Pablo Amau, Francisco Quispecuro among others, also those who were in charge of the decoration of the interior of the temple were Diego Quispe Tito and Marcos Zapata who were part of the Cusco School of painting.

Not only this we will find in this square churches or institutions, it is also surrounded by shopping centers.

How to get from Cusco's Main Square to San Sebastian?

To get to the Plaza de Armas of San Sebastian from the Plaza Mayor you have two options, the first is to walk, but it will take you a long time because the road is long, and you have another option to go by cab (15 minutes) or take public transport from the street of Ayacucho (25 to 30 minutes until you reach the same square).

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