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Seven angels street of Cusco

The streets of the city of Cusco not only have incredible constructions, but they also call the attention because of the curious names they have. Incredibly, all these streets have a number 7 which makes it interesting; now we will talk about the street seven angels.

What to see and do in Cusco's 7 Angels Street

As I mentioned, all the famous streets of the San Blas neighborhood have the number seven before their names; to contextualize why we must first know that San Blas is one of the oldest and most traditional neighborhoods and that every place you visit has a history.

And the name of its streets are no exception, we have to tell, but today we will only focus on the street seven little angels that has a very curious history. Currently, it is one of the busiest streets for locals and visitors, who stay in their lodgings in the area.

Seven little angels street reflects the colonial buildings that over time had slight changes and what will surprise you is to see drawings on the roofs of the houses that allude to angels referring to the church.

According to the locals tell us that this place is called 7 angels because on the other side of this road there is another street called 7 devils and it happens that in colonial times many couples in love escaped to give free rein to their desires, but how did this happen, they say?

It happens that this street was not very visible and at night could not be seen well, for these reasons the street is called 7 devils, but as in the next street lived Blas de Bobadilla a religious believer who ordered to paint the image of seven little angels so that everyone who passes by there in some way or another reflect.

However, it is not the only figure, you can also witness other figures that were made in the street, although the image of the angels are the ones that steal the attention.

Currently these streets attract the attention of all visitors for the peculiar images and names that each one carries. But it is not only that, the former mayor of Cusco Daniel Estrada Perez ordered to make a stone carving of an angel holding in his hand the number seven found in the streets 7 angels and 7 devils.

How to get to the street of seven angels from the Plaza de Armas?

To get to this famous street you must go to Carmen Alto street in the neighborhood of San Blas, it is only 15 minutes away from the Plaza Mayor of Cusco.

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