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Slippery Street in Cusco

Resbalosa Street is one of the streets that joins with San Cristobal Square, and its name has a peculiar designation, well now I'll explain; it's called Resbalosa because people who usually go down this steep street usually fall down and if you want to go up this street it's also difficult, even for the expensive ones it's complicated for them to make it to the top.

In the Quechua language, this street is called Sikitakana, which means "bumping butt" its pavement is cobblestone and it is easy to fall. It is said that in the third house lived the Bolivarian mestizo Agustín Ruelas, who lived and argued with the prankster Ángulo (aka poro guitarra), now known as resbalosa (slippery).

How to reach the slippery road from Plaza de Armas?

To reach Resbalosa Street, from Plaza de Armas you go to Suecia Street, from there you turn right until you reach Resbalosa Street, the street that leads to the San Cristóbal viewpoint or the Sacsayhuaman fortress.

What to see and do in Street Slippery in Cusco?

Actually this side has little to see, such as small hotels, restaurants, and the famous San Cristobal viewpoint, where spectacular photos are taken.

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