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Tupac Amaru Square in Cusco

The Plaza Tupac Amaru is the best known of Cusco, after the Plaza Mayor of the city, because it is a welcoming space that brings together many visitors from around the world.

The name that the square currently bears is in honor of Tupac Amaru II, who was a character that marked the history of Peru for the struggle he led during the viceroyalty.

History Tupac Amaru Square Cusco

In 1970 a contest was called for the design of the statue of Tupac Amaru in the square, this project was very rigorous and had several problems to put the correct symbols that distinguish such a character, however, it managed to put the figure and today is in public view.

Who was Tupac Amaru?

José Gabriel Condorcanqui was born in Surimana, district of Canas, in Cusco. He was a descendant of the Incas on his mother's side, for which he adopted the name of Tupac Amaru II and years later led one of the largest rebellions in Latin America, was dismembered and tortured his entire family.

Statue of Tupac Amaru II
Statue of Tupac Amaru II

What to see and do in Plaza Tupac Amaru?

It is ideal to visit Plaza Tupac Amaru on Saturdays because you will find a complete fair with the following presentations:

  • Concerts.
  • Festivals.
  • Theatrical performance.
  • Modern dances.
  • Traditional dances.
  • Painting/photography exhibitions.
  • Gastronomic dishes.
  • Sale of plants.
  • Props and props.
  • Clothing of all kinds.

Around it you can see other points of the Regional Government of Cusco, the National Police of Peru, supermarkets, several cafes, restaurants and other clothing stores.

How to get to Plaza Tupac Amaru?

You can get to the Plaza Tupac Amaru by different means, the first one is to take a public transportation unit that leaves you at the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega School bus stop and just a few steps away you will be at the desired place. The other option is to take a cab that will take you directly to the square, according to the following map.

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