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In which month to visit Peru

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Home » Blog » In which month to visit Peru

Peru is a country with more than 20 very diverse microclimates that vary from region to region, so some seasons are more suitable than others to visit some of our most important tourist attractions.

This is also favorable since our country offers multiple alternatives in terms of destinations and activities in the regions of the coast, highlands and Amazon.

The most outstanding climates are the temperate - arid that predominates in the coastal territory, the rainy - cold climate in the Andean zones and the rainy - warm climate in the Amazonian territories.

In which month to visit Peru - Summary ?

If you want to see the most important festivals in Cusco you should visit Peru from June to August, if you want to have a quieter trip without a lot of tourists visit Peru from September to March.

Depending on the activities you expect to do, you can evaluate the most favorable weather conditions and dates for such activities.

You should also take into account in which region of the country you are interested in visiting, if it is on the coast, the Andes or the Amazon, since the climate of Peru is not the same for all regions.

The good thing is that Peru presents an enriching cultural diversity, traditions, customs, natural wealth and varied geographical areas for activities such as sandboarding, hiking, camping, birdwatching, festivals and many other options, so any time of year is optimal to know the treasures hidden in this country.

What is the best month to visit Machu Picchu ?

To visit the citadel of Machu Picchu we must take into account that it is located in the province of Urubamba in Cusco.a 2400 meters above sea level approximately.

In a subtropical area between the Amazon and the Andean zone of Cusco, in the city of Machu Picchu and Cusco in general we have two very marked seasons.

The rainy season, which starts from small rains in the month of November being January and February the months with higher rainfall and longer duration, until the end of March with occasional rains.

It is also important to highlight that during the month of February the INCA TRAIL, that is to say the 4 days trekking route to Machu Picchu is closed due to the rains, so you should take precautions in case you want to do this activity and select another date.

Many of us believe that during the rainy season it is almost impossible to visit the archaeological citadel due to the weather, however due to its geographical location the Machu Picchu National Sanctuary has a lot to offer during those months as well, such as a great variety of flora and fauna.

Being for example the most optimal time for the sighting of orchid blooms in late February and March, or for the sighting of native, endemic and migratory birds from October to March, it is also the time in which it is possible to enjoy Machu Picchu without the crowds of people, as it is not very visited in those months.

Also due to the rains you can appreciate how the water channels designed by the Incas work, being a better experience to see the functioning of the hydraulic engineering implemented in this wonderful sanctuary.

Another favorable point is that due to the rains Machupicchu looks much more alive, with the abundant green vegetation that surrounds it, the flowers of orchids in full bloom, the mystical panorama that provides the cloudy weather, and the smaller influx of visitors. 

When does it rain less in Machu Picchu?

The most optimal months under good weather conditions for the visit to Machu Picchu are from June to August since being dry season are very low the chances of rainfall.

This is a season in which temperatures rise up to approximately 25ºC. It is necessary to remember that Machu Picchu is located in a subtropical area whose predominant climate is warm and humid, so even in this season there could be light rains sporadically.

What is the best month and time to visit Cusco Peru?

Undoubtedly the best month to visit the city, is during June, declared as the jubilee month of Cusco, the city is full of life, color and joy, every day you will find a party, parade or marches that you can enjoy, being the most outstanding the following:

  • On June 1st, the offering ceremony to the Pacha Mama takes place, a celebration where everyone is welcome and where the jubilee month of Cusco begins.
  • Corpus Christi, a traditional religious festival where 15 sculptures of saints and virgins leave their respective temples to bless the city.

What is the lowest season to travel to Machupicchu ?

The ''low'' season in Cusco and Machu Picchu is known as such due to the low tourist influx (November to March).

The low tourist flow in Cusco is mainly due to the weather conditions of heavy rains, however our city also has a lot to offer during those months, such as the traditional 'Santurantikuy' fair in December.

The traditional feast of All Saints and Day of the Dead in November, is a season in which you can enjoy the archaeological sites with fewer visitors and have greater access to find availability of hotel reservations at better prices, entrance tickets to Machu Picchu as well as train tickets to the town of Aguas Calientes - Machu Picchu.

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