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Peruvian gastronomy of the jungle

Home » Gastronomía Peruana » Peruvian gastronomy of the jungle
Home » Gastronomía Peruana » Peruvian gastronomy of the jungle

The Peruvian gastronomy of the jungle offers a great variety of fruits, as well as a varied quantity of fish, being one of the widest and richest territories of the country.

It is considered one of the destinations of exotic gastronomy, whose dishes provide a great nutritional value. Come and taste the wonderful dishes offered by the Peruvian Amazon.

Typical dishes of the Peruvian Jungle

  • Juane Peruvian

The Juane is probably the most representative dish of the eastern lands, it is mainly consumed during the feast of St. John every June 24.

The juane consists of a portion of rice with spices, olives, eggs and a portion of chicken, all wrapped in bijao leaves in a pyramidal shape.

Peruvian gastronomy of the jungle
Juane's typical dish Photo: @miradorsuisui
  • Tacacho

The Tacacho is a traditional dish, which is prepared with a mass of green plantains roasted over charcoal, which are then mixed with lard and pieces of pork, small balls are formed from this dough and fried in hot oil, served with jerky or chorizo.

  • Patarashca

The patarashca is a dish that can be prepared with different ingredients, although the most common is to prepare it with the different species of fish that inhabit the Amazonian rivers.

It consists of a fish with 3 transversal cuts, which is seasoned with salt and pepper, then it must be stuffed with onions, peppers, tomatoes and chopped garlic, then it is wrapped in bijao leaves and tied with strips of the same leaf, as a tamale, it is cooked over hot coals.

Peruvian gastronomy of the jungle
Patarashca, Peruvian Gastronomy of the Jungle Photo: @germanchoo95
  • Fish casserole

The Cazuela is a dish prepared with the abundant fish of the Amazon. It consists of a fish broth accompanied by cassava, onions, garlic, potatoes, parsley, among other spices.

The dish can be prepared with different types of fish, cooking should be slow and over low heat to prevent the fish from flaking.

  • Chonta or palm heart salad

Within the Peruvian gastronomy of the jungle, the Chonta or palm heart is the heart of the trunk of the palm trees, which is highly appreciated for its flavor, which is served in salads accompanied by tomatoes, onions, avocado and lemon.

  • Paco Frito with Yuccas

The Paco or cachama, is a fish that can measure up to 88 cm, is a great product widely used, is prepared in many ways, but the favorite is undoubtedly the fried paco accompanied by boiled cassava and heart of palm salads.

Peruvian gastronomy of the jungle
Paco Frito with Yuccas Photo: @elencantopangoa
  • Masato

The Masato is a very popular and traditional drink of the jungle lands, it is a cassava liquor made from the fermentation of this tuber with honey and a little water.

Some native ethnic groups make Masato by chewing the yucca and leaving it to ferment for 5 days, although this process of chewing the yucca to grind it has been replaced by the use of batanes to grind the yucca and thus also be able to produce this drink for commercial purposes.

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