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Peruvian women in gastronomy

December 26, 2022
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Peruvian Chefs and Cooks

Teresa Izquierdo

Teresa Izquierdo 900x675 - Peruvian women in gastronomy
Teresa Izquierdo

Considered the "Mother of Peruvian Cuisine", she is undoubtedly the most representative character of Peruvian gastronomy, preserving the original flavor of Peruvian cuisine.

Teresa Izquierdo, born in 1934 in Lince, Lima. From a very young age she was put at the service of an aristocratic family in Lima, as a cook like her mother. Despite maternal pressure for Teresa to study a professional career, she decided to continue preparing her delicious Creole dishes, which she sold at cockfights, bullfighting fairs and the famous turrones at the Señor de los Milagros fair.

Little by little she gained public recognition, and years later she opened "El Rincón que No Conoces" where she prepared the most delicious dishes with the Creole seasoning that characterizes the Lima of yesteryear, and with the passing of time she managed to position herself as one of the most important women in Peruvian cuisine.

The death of Teresa Izquierdo in 2011 has left a great void, leaving the kitchen in mourning; however, she has left a wide and rich legacy, teaching a whole generation of young people who follow in her footsteps in the Creole kitchens.

Pía León

Pia Leon 900x900 - Peruvian women in gastronomy
Pía León [email protected]

The young Peruvian chef chosen as one of the 50 best female chefs in the world.

Born in the city of Lima in 1986, being a lover of cooking since she was a child, she studied at Le Cordon Bleu, in Lima.

Later, he had his internship at the Ritz Carlton Resort Hotel in New York and the Peruvian restaurant Astrid & Gaston.

Years later she would start working at the Central restaurant with Virgilio Martinez, with whom she married in 2014.

He opened solo restaurants such as Kjolle restaurant and Mil restaurant in Moray, Cusco being one of his main missions to help sustainability and implement recycling and composting, as well as the laboratory in his orchards with more than 100 species of native plants.

Teresa Ocampo

Teresa Ocampo 900x631 - Peruvian women in gastronomy
Teresa Ocampo

Teresa Ocampo, born in Cuzco, is a procer of Peruvian cuisine, who studied gastronomy at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, France. When she returned to Peru, she taught cooking classes at the Instituto de Ciencias Domésticas Bien del Hogar in 1952.

Later, she participated in television as a presenter of the program "What will I cook today?", sponsored by the Nicolini noodles brand, revaluing the traditional Peruvian cuisine using local products as well as accessible and economical ingredients, winning the affection of Peruvian viewers.

She has published several recipe books, where she compiles different traditional Peruvian dishes, received the award "aji de plata" during the Mistura fair, and received the distinction "Meritorious Personality of Culture" by the Ministry of Culture. She was also the founder of the Peruvian Gastronomic Association (AGAPE), of which she was the first president.

Marisa Guiulfo

Marisa Guiulfo 900x675 - Peruvian women in gastronomy
Marisa Guiulfo

Marissa Guiulfo is one of the women who achieved the balance between artistic decoration and gastronomy. Being one of the most outstanding banquetesses of the country, she was in charge of the decoration and preparation of many important banquets and buffets.

During the 2008 APEC event, former President Alan Garcia specially ordered the buffet from Marissa, who of course dazzled the Asian leaders and ministers.

Marissa Guiulfo's philosophy is defined in "Food goes in through the eyes", this is how Marissa deploys all her creativity to present the most beautiful and delicious buffets in a beautiful artistic presentation.

Gloria Hinostroza

Gloria Hinostroza 900x900 - Peruvian women in gastronomy
Gloria Hinostroza

Born in Lima, but raised in Huaraz with the influence of her great aunt, who left her the most ancient culinary secrets of Andean cuisine.

Although she studied plastic arts, her passion for cooking was greater, she opened her own restaurants in Lima, but was damaged by the terrorist attacks so she had to close, dedicating herself to teaching cooking at CENFOTUR and at the Le Cordon Bleu school.

He carried out extensive studies on the native gastronomy, revaluing these dishes and rescuing more than 2000 recipes of traditional dishes, which were left in oblivion.

All this exposed in his 8 published books, texts that are undoubtedly a great treasure for all Peruvians.

Mónica Huerta

Monica Huerta - Peruvian women in gastronomy
Mónica Huerta

A chef from Arequipa, native of the white city, Monica Huerta has taken her picanteria "La Nueva Palomino" even to European lands, delighting Italian diners with the delicious gastronomy of the land of the Volcanoes, Arequipa.

Its greatest contribution is the rescue of the black corn whose cultivation was practically null, but, however, is an essential component to prepare the traditional "Guiñapo" chicha made from this corn and is a very refreshing drink. Besides this corn is also used for the elaboration of the "chichagre" which is used as a special sauce that is used in the traditional "zarzas arequipeñas".

Elia García

Elia Garcia 900x506 - Peruvian women in gastronomy
Elia García

The Lady of the Amazon, lady of the Patarashca. Initially, she was dedicated to work as a secretary, it was something that did not make her happy, she decided to leave everything and devote herself to what she was most passionate about, cooking.

Little by little he began to make his way in the gastronomic world opening the Patarashca restaurant, where he revalues traditional dishes from the jungle.

Marilú Madueño

Marilu Madueno 620x900 - Peruvian women in gastronomy
Marilú Madueño

Peruvian chef in charge of the restaurant La huaca Pucllana, who won the Best Female Chef award at Summum 2017, in a competition in which Arlette Eulert and Pía León participated.

Marilú studied hotel management and later attended Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, where she specialized in gastronomy.

Currently, in the Huaca Pucllana restaurant, he works with dishes from the Novo Andean cuisine, using Peruvian ingredients brought from different regions of the country, in order to give each dish the most autochthonous touch possible.

Arlette Eulert

Arlette Eulert 900x600 - Peruvian women in gastronomy
Arlette Eulert

The young chef Arlette, who completed her gastronomic studies at the Le Cordon Bleu school in Peru.

He did his first internships in restaurants such as Ibai Restaurant in Barcelona, Nobu in London and Dom Restaurant in São Paulo.

When he returned to Peru, and after all he learned abroad, he opened his own restaurant "Matria" which offers diners a new way to delight the palate, with fusion dishes of Peruvian food with Asian, European and Mediterranean cuisine.

In 2016 she received recognition from the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism for her contributions to Peruvian gastronomy, and in 2018 she won the SUMMUM award for best female chef in all of Peru.

Grimanesa Vargas

Grimanesa Vargas 900x582 - Peruvian women in gastronomy
Grimanesa Vargas

Doña Grimanesa, born in Ayacucho, when she was 18 years old she arrived to Lima city, starting as a street vendor selling food, earning the affection and recognition of the diners. She even participated in the well-known gastronomic fair MISTURA, being crowned as "The Queen of the Anticuchos", Gaston Acurio himself, renowned Peruvian chef, was amazed with the seasoning of the anticuchos of "Tía Grima".

That's how he made the big leap from a corner stall in a neighborhood in Miraflores to having his own place selling between 250 and 300 portions of anticuchos.

Rosita Yimura

Born in Callao, daughter of Japanese immigrants, who was one of the pillars of the fusion of Nikkei and Peruvian cuisine.

Uno de los mayores aportes a la gastronomía peruana fue el Pulpo al Olivo, receta que nació al intentar recrear un plato asiático que uno de sus clientes le había solicitado, siendo ahora uno de los platos más resaltantes de la gastronomía peruana Nikkei.

Martha Palacios

Martha Palacios 900x675 - Peruvian women in gastronomy
Martha Palacios

Chef of the restaurant "Panchita", of the acclaimed Chef Gaston Acurio. A strong woman dedicated to the preparation of Peruvian dishes since her return from the Asian country of Japan.

He spent a long time compiling the cuisine of Lima, publishing the book BITUTE, where he delivers about 70 old recipes that were already being forgotten.

María Zúñiga

Maria Zuniga - Peruvian women in gastronomy
María Zúñiga [email protected]

Maria with a great hand for tamales and Creole cuisine. She stood out with great notoriety in the gastronomic fairs of Holy Week by presenting dishes of the gastronomy of Lima, revaluing old, very delicious dishes that many did not know and others had already forgotten.

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