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Santa Catalina Mother Church

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Home » Puno » Churches and temples in Puno » Santa Catalina Mother Church
November 22, 2022
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The Matriz de Santa Catalina Church or White Church of Juliaca dates from 1649, the date in which its construction began, but it took 125 years to be finished, for different reasons, one of them for the economic factor, being the only church that has only a bell tower.

The church was built entirely with ashlar that were brought from the city of Arequipa. According to the testimony of the professor and author of the book "Historical Themes of Juliaca" Hugo Apaza said that the ashlar material came from the quarries of Lampa and the same slopes of Misti.

Just to open the door took them a long time (50 years), then it could not be done in time, precisely because of the economic shortages faced by the order, despite having many impediments for the church to be carried out and be a place of prayer, it could be completed thanks to the support of a Christian woman.

In 1774 Doña Catalina Fernandez y Fernandez gave economic solvency to conclude this sacred place, which was attended by Spaniards, Aymara, Quechua and Uros to celebrate the religious fusion.

Initially this church was to be called Santa Cecilia, but in homage to the generous woman who supported its construction, it was given the name of Santa Catalina, and it is now called Santa Catalina.

Templo De Santa Catalina Puno
Templo De Santa Catalina Puno

Characteristics of the temple Matriz de Santa Catalina

The church of Santa Catalina has an indigenous baroque style and its structure is made of carved ashlar with a predominance of reddish color that stands out in its cover, dome and its imposing bell tower.

The interior is decorated with works of art such as canvases, among others.

Location of the Church of Santa Catalina

The Church of Santa Catalina is located in Jr. 2 de Mayo, next to the Main Square of Juliaca.

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