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Visiting Peru with children

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Home » Blog » Visiting Peru with children

Visiting Peru with children is a unique experience, having a vacation is an opportunity to travel and visit Peru (even better if accompanied by your children).

Something that parents always have in mind, is the constant doubt of where to travel and if the place will be suitable for their little ones (children), always concerned about safety, but ensuring fun for everyone.

Our country Peru is megadiverse with a variety of natural and cultural attractions, it offers multiple options where you can spend pleasant moments with guaranteed fun for everyone, especially for the little ones at home. We invite you to know the best alternatives to travel with your family.

In this post we are going to present the most suitable destinations in Peru for family travel (with children).

The Wonder of the Modern World, Machu Picchu, is undoubtedly one of the best options, the trip from Ollantaytambo is undoubtedly an additional thrill that many children are excited to arrive at the station and see the trains and even better to travel in one.

Machupicchu is a place where children can learn about our pre-Hispanic cultures in a didactic way.

It is advisable to take the traditional tour, since the circuits that include the entrances to the mountains surrounding Machu Picchu, could be very heavy for children.

Visiting Sacsayhuaman with small children

The archaeological complex of Saqsayhuaman, one of the most visited fixed points in the city of Cusco, is included in the CITY TOUR, and it is recommended to start the visit in the city taking this tour the first day of your arrival, it will help you and your family to acclimatize and reduce altitude sickness.

In Saqsayhuaman you will be able to see the enormous lithic pieces that are a great visual attraction for everyone, especially children.

Traveling to Taquile Island as a family

Experiential tourism in the islands of Lake Titicaca is an option to spend a few family days in contact with other families in the communities of Puno.

In this destination you can learn about the customs of these families, acquiring new experiences and learning a little more about traditions and ancestral customs that are still in force.

Children will also have the experience of bonding with the children of Taquile, enjoying boat rides and being in contact with nature.

Travel to Ballestas Islands with children

The Ballestas Islands, part of the Paracas National Reserve, is a recommended destination because the weather here is always pleasant.

Undoubtedly a place where you will be able to spend pleasant days with your family on boats, visiting the rocks where sea lions take long naps, see penguins, dolphins and a variety of birds.

The ideal opportunity to teach children about the importance of caring for these species. The beaches in Paracas are calm waters so kayaking is also an alternative activity to do during your visit to the Ballestas Islands.

Huacachina Lagoon

This beautiful paradise is located a short distance from Lima, it is a lagoon in the middle of the desert of Ica, with a warm climate all year round. A quiet and comfortable place where you can enjoy rides in sand vehicles, practice sandboarding or just relax on the boardwalks around the lagoon. A great place to escape from routine and stress, accompanied by your family.

Visiting Iquitos - Peru jungle with children

Peru's jungle is one of the most attractive alternatives that offers a variety of family activities such as trekking through lush Amazonian jungles.

Visit to native communities and children especially enjoy the boat excursions in search of pink dolphins, enjoy the tours to wildlife rescue shelters where they can have contact with sloths, monkeys, and other wild animals.

This is an opportunity for children to learn while having fun about the importance of preserving the environment and caring for the wildlife of the different endemic species of the region.

In addition to this, Iquitos offers tours to the many waterfalls it has, enjoying fun afternoons in the waters of Iquitos. Remember to bring extra clothes for the children.

Visiting Cusco with children

Cusco is a cultural destination, with new and innovative recreational options for children, such as the visit on motorcycles to the Abode of the Gods, a theme park where they can appreciate various sculptures in the rocks that represent some of the local legends, such as the legend of Tocay Capac Wiracocha.

You can also visit the Huasao Wetlands, a park where you can see sculptures of animals native to Cusco, as well as some fictional characters like Groot, both are new options that can be included in your itinerary and will give a more entertaining touch for the little ones making your visit a much more enjoyable experience.

Recommendations for visiting Peru with children

  • Remember to always carry sunscreen, mosquito repellent and water to stay hydrated, although in most archaeological sites it is forbidden to eat food, remember to always carry snacks and/or fruit for the little ones.
  • Acclimatization, especially in destinations such as Cusco and Taquile, is very important, especially in children, as symptoms can be more severe, so it is advisable to have anti-sniffing pills and/or coca candies on hand.
  • always carry extra clothes for the little ones, especially in cold seasons, take a warm jacket or an extra sweater.
  • Some activities can be more tiring for children than others, so always remember to consult with your travel consultant about your best options according to the age of your children.
  • Finally, do not forget to bring the ID cards, passport, foreigner's card, etc. of the children in your care, as well as the Covid Vaccine booklet, with the doses indicated for their age.
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