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Why is it not advisable to tour Peru on my own?

Home » Blog » Why is it not advisable to tour Peru on my own?
Home » Blog » Why is it not advisable to tour Peru on my own?

Peru is a great country with many riches. However, not everything is always formalized, so it is important to prepare your trip and anticipate the many changes that may occur during your stay.

4 reasons to hire a travel agency.

Negative Impact of Informal Tourism, cheap, but at what cost?

Some of the disadvantages of hiring an informal tourism agency are uninsured transportation, unlicensed drivers, poorly paid and often uncertified guides, poorly fed animals during treks, local populations that are not taken into account and are often exploited unscrupulously.

Responsible tourism sometimes costs 20 dollars more, but it is worth it if we think about how much difference it can make in terms of service and attention for all those involved in tourism services, from the passenger who arrives to the animals that are involved in the activity such as horses or llamas and alpacas.

Advice and design of tailor-made trips

Enjoy your trip without worries to Peru, it often saves a lot of time and avoids discomfort by investing a little more money. It is much more pleasant to arrive and enjoy without having to worry about looking for an activity, compare, negotiate...

In Peru you will find absolutely all prices, but beware of buying fraudulent services. The price can sometimes be attractive, but what will be really the service offered: a quality service? commitments respected? activities planned?

 Going to a certified agency means security, information and peace of mind. In addition to the fact that they can provide you with the most suitable tours for you, and organize all the activities you want to do, always taking into account your needs and putting your safety as a priority.

You will save time, worries and worries during your holidays

 Tourist regulations change frequently and tourists are often misinformed.

Especially with tickets to Machu Picchu, which must be booked more than a month and a half in advance. Sometimes new areas are opened and then closed, informal agencies can offer you fake tickets, hours of waiting in Machu Picchu thinking you are buying a ticket when the office is closed. The disappointment is sometimes immense.

By contracting the service of a Formal Tourism Agency you will always have truthful and transparent information regarding all the aspects that involve the tourist activity.

We all choose what kind of tourism we want to do. Remember that we travel to enjoy and not to worry about these things, sure that these 3 tips to not travel alone in Peru will help you a lot.

Security at the time of payment - Don't get ripped off!

Remember that you should not reveal confidential information of your credit cards, no formal travel agency will ask you that, you should not sign contracts without first reading the terms and conditions even if the information they give you verbally is very attractive, do not trust.

If you are hesitant to make payments using your cards, you can make transfers or better make payments in cash, it is important that before you also be informed about the exchange rate of the dollar to the local currency.

How to hire a formal travel agency in Peru ?

 To hire the service of a formal travel agency can verify that this is registered in the "National Directory of Qualified Tourism Service Providers" through the website of the Ministry of Tourism consultasenlinea.mincetur.gob.pe

You can also have a reference through pages like Tripadvisor, reading the experiences of other users.  Or directly on the website of the agency with which you contracted your trip, in these internet portals should present complete and detailed information of each tour they perform, direct information from Gmail or WhatsApp contacts.

Remember to ask for receipts and proof of payment when making your service contract, these receipts will be very useful in case you want to make a claim.

Tips to detect an Informal Travel Agency in Peru

Detecting an informal travel agency is not always easy, here are some tips:

  • If you have suspicions you can check if the agency already had problems before for fraud or similar situations in the web portal of the Indecopi ''Mira a quien le compras'' the following link www.indecopi.gob.pe/miraaquienlecompras
  • Be wary mainly if the prices they offer are very low, this is a fraudulent modality in which they will ask you for more and more money, in the end you will end up paying even more for a service that formal agencies offer with lower rates.
  • In the streets you will find street people offering tourist services, it is better to first look for such ''agencies'' in the web portals mentioned above, to corroborate the formality of these.
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