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Promotions and offers on travel packages in Peru

Home » Blog » Promotions and offers on travel packages in Peru
Home » Blog » Promotions and offers on travel packages in Peru

Cusco: It is definitely the favorite city to go on a trip during the national holidays, besides being the most visited city in Peru, it was also recognized by World's Best Awards 2022 as the favorite city to travel in Central and South America.

 It is recognized by one of the world wonders, "Machu Picchu", which, although it is the first mandatory stop for every visitor to Cusco, it is not the only one, as it is surrounded by wonderful landscapes wrapped in history and mysticism that make it incomparable.

Puno scaled peru
Puno scaled peru

 That is why Terandes.com launches this promotion in one of our best tour packages in Peru (Peru Southern Treasures Tour Package). This time of the year is perfect to enjoy the surroundings of the city, with mostly sunny days, although it is advisable to be alert, as the weather is quite changeable and at night temperatures drop, so carrying a coat on hand is always a good option.

 If you still do not know Cusco there are good options to go for a walk within the same city, one of them is the main square of Cusco, one of the main points of tourist concentration, you can take a historical walk through the cathedral, the company of Jesus and the Holy Family; They are churches that will transport you to the Viceroyalty era, through the paintings and sculptures you will witness a little of the deeply rooted religious culture of the Cusco society, in addition to the exquisite baroque art that adorn their structures, in general it is an enriching experience that you can not miss.

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The neighborhood of San Blas, considered the oldest neighborhood, characterized by its picturesque streets, the viewpoint that offers any visitor an enchanting landscape, the aqueduct of Sapantiana that offers a vision of the traditional Spanish architecture; are some of the most striking attractions offered by the neighborhood of San Blas, which will surely conquer the varied taste of any spectator who approaches to take a look.

 Definitely spend this vacation in Cusco will be your best option, being a cosmopolitan city, has a variety of experiences you can try, near the city of Cusco 1 hour from downtown, you can experience a dose of adrenaline in the bungee jump, a jump to the void of 125 m high, considered the highest in Latin America; Visit magical villages accompanied by a mountain bike, you will be delighted with wonderful views of the Andean landscape; the zipline (zip line or canopy), is also an unmissable option in which you will slide from one mountain to another by the action of gravity.

 With all these options you will surely want to take more than one tour of this warm city, which has so much to offer, we are waiting for you with an open heart.

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