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Descucbre Cusco

Discover Cusco in one day: routes, tips and unforgettable experiences

November 21, 2023
To walk around Cusco is to feel that Andean magic, to see the colonial and Inca style buildings, because the colonial houses and churches were…
Viaja Cusco

Explore Machu Picchu - Cusco in 4 days

November 21, 2023
Cusco, is a historic city known as the cradle of the Inca civilization that reached large territories and formed the Tahuantinsuyo, leaving great Inca constructions…
Visita Cusco Machu Picchu

Visit Cusco and Machu Picchu in 9 days

November 20, 2023
To visit Machu Picchu is one of my greatest dreams and this time I am ready to fulfil it, because the previous times I always…
Guia Cusco Clasico

Itinerary for visiting all of Cusco - Classic Cusco

November 17, 2023
Hello travelers, we continue our journey here in Cusco and I want to let you know about all the attractions through my experiences, each destination…
Guia De Viajes Camino Inca

Adventure in the Andes: Inca Trail in 4 days

November 16, 2023
The 4-day Inca Trail is one of the must-visit destinations that we should explore, taking us through breathtaking landscapes, snowy peaks, unique fauna, and flora.…
Guia Peru

A luxury tour to visit Peru in 2 weeks - Travel Guide

November 15, 2023
There are trips that come only once in our lives, this trip was a marvel, a dream that I had been planning for a long…
Viaje A Bolivia

The Best Itinerary to Visit Bolivia in 3 Weeks - Travel Guide

November 10, 2023
Are you looking to visit new destinations in Latin America? Well, let me tell you that Bolivia is one of the countries that boasts a…
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