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Chivay, Colca Canyon

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Home » Arequipa » What to do in the Colca Canyon, Peru » Chivay, Colca Canyon

The White City is a clear example that it is not necessary to travel very far to learn about our history; only 4 hours from the same city is Chivay that has much to attract its national and foreign visitors as the thermal baths La Calera, cultural, religious, natural sites that we fall in love and remain in our traveler's experience.

The district of Chivay, province of Caylloma is located in Arequipa with an altitude of 3635 meters above sea level, it is considered the gateway to the Colca Valley. Chivay (Quechua word) was known because in ancient times birds mated, so many understand this place as the place where love is made.

It is curious how different places are known, that is why Peru has unique landscapes and names, which you can hardly find them in other regions. Reason why these tourist sites have several attractions that we must visit; however, in this article I will show you some places you should visit if you decide to visit Arequipa outside the Colca Canyon and do not know what places to visit:

Chivay Attractions

  • Hot Springs Complex

This place has an adequate and beautiful infrastructure, it is under the administration of the Regional Government of Chivay. In the place you will find 5 pools of thermal waters that are of the Cotallumi Volcano, the temperature of the thermal baths are apt for the visitors, since it is at about 38° C.

As we know bathing or taking a dip in these baths help to alleviate some diseases such as rheumatism, muscle problems or those that come with the skin. Do not wait any longer to visit these Inca baths.

  • Patapampa

If you think you have already visited the highest point of Chivay, you are wrong, if you want to see the panorama of the Colca Canyon, its surrounding snow-capped mountains and volcanoes, then you must go to the highest point of Chivay, Patapampa.

It has an altitude of 4,800 meters, it functions as a viewpoint surrounded by beautiful scenery, volcanoes and more; on the way you will notice that there are a variety of stacked pyramid-shaped stones, known as apacheta.

This construction of stones has transcended from ancient times and is still practiced today, many travelers do it as a tribute to the mountains or known as Apus, who formerly asked these lords to protect them on their way.

Out of respect, if you see these stones built it is recommended that you do not destroy them, also in the place you can do cycling if you like to do this activity, I recommend that you wear comfortable warm clothes, coke candy, hat and sunscreen so you can do your activities normally.

  • Colca Observatory

If you are a lover of astrology and the cosmos then you must visit the Colca Planetarium and Observatory, located in Chivay and has a didactic environment so you can appreciate the entire universe with a planetary dome of the latest technology in which each visitor can see up close: the moon, the sun, the planets, galaxies, nebulae, comets and other aspects of the universe.

Then you can go to the other waiting room while the others visualize the universe, you can wait looking at the best photographic shots such as stars, planets, galaxies, etc. Visiting hours are from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

  • Uskallacta Archaeological Complex

The site presents a group of architectural remains that belonged to the Collagua culture, most of the structures of the complex were destroyed, however, these were also called Chullpas.

  • Chivay Archaeological Museum

The museum is located in the city and inside it there is a great part of the Chivay legacy that was found in the surroundings of this locality.

Among other attractions that exist in the place, these are the most representative of Chivay; however, there is a main party wing that you must attend if or yes and thus also know a little more of its religious history, we speak of the feast of Our Lady of the Assumption, patron saint of Chivay.

Its central day is August 15, a key date to learn about its food, history and culture. In Chivay you can do extreme sports, cycling, hiking and other activities, if you are determined to visit this charming place contact Terandes, who offer you the best tours in Arequipa.

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