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Peru is one of the most magical countries in the world and the perfect place to spend days and nights full of romance, adventure and pure beauty. Peru also has beautiful places and honeymoon destinations in Peru. That is why we believe it is the perfect country to plan your perfect honeymoon. It has so many wonders to discover, even for couples who already know Peru but want to keep exploring.

We believe that Honeymoons are the most beautiful rituals that exist. They are the threshold through which two individuals unite to face and transform the world as a duality of forces and dreams. In the Andean cosmovision, the union of two opposites is what engenders and regenerates the universe: the love between masculine and feminine energies; between light and darkness. This ancestral wisdom is what is waiting for you to illuminate the path you have to follow in your new married life.

Without further ado we mention the Honeymoon Destinations in Peru that you must visit in the Coast, Highlands and Jungle:

Honeymoon on the coast of Peru

Paracas National Reserve

Here we want to tell you that Peru not only has a beautiful mountain range, but on one side of it is the Pacific Ocean with hundreds of paradisiacal dream beaches. The best time to visit them is in the summer months, between January and March, but some of them keep the warmth and magic all year round. Peru is also home to the best surfing waves in the world and has one of the most biodiverse seas, making it the perfect place for couples who love seafood. Here are four incredible places to visit on the Peruvian coast!

1. Lima

View of the Pacific Ocean and the Miraflores Malecon.

The capital of Peru is a mandatory stop to enter the country and although some travelers decide to take the first plane to their main destinations, we think it is a good idea to stay even a couple of days in the city of Lima, which offers places so romantic that you will think you are in a movie. It is a very touristic city with beautiful districts and has been called the gastronomic capital of America.

The best thing Lima has to offer is the food, as it has thousands of great restaurants with seafood, Peruvian-Asian fusion, traditional dishes from the highlands and jungle, vegan food and all the cosmopolitan cuisine you could ask for. It is the perfect place to try the world famous Peruvian food, although those with a delicate stomach should be careful because it is full of condiments that give it its unique flavor. You can enjoy from the finest restaurants that compete with European cuisine, to market stalls that for three dollars offer traditional menus with exquisite seasoning.

Although food is the main attraction for many visitors, this is a city with almost 500 years of history that is home to very different cultural expressions in its districts. Miraflores is the tourist district par excellence, which has a beautiful boardwalk overlooking the sea and where there are plenty of restaurants and bars to visit. The district of Barranco, a few steps away from Miraflores and continuing along the boardwalk, offers a more bohemian and relaxed atmosphere, full of bars and cultural centers. And if you arrive in summer to see its blue sky, it has at its feet some delicious beaches full of surfers and cultural life.

Miraflores and Barranco were originally country and beach resorts outside the city, which today we call Centro de Lima or Cercado de Lima because it was originally built between walls. The Historic Center of Lima is the oldest part of the city and has incredible architecture that is surrounded by a great commercial and civic movement. It is a great option for adventurous couples who wish to experience the mix of eras and cultures that characterizes Lima. In addition, it has unparalleled historical museums to understand the complex past of this great country.

2. Mancora


In the north of Peru, just a stone's throw from Ecuador, you can find the most beautiful and paradisiacal beaches you can imagine. This is Piura, a region blessed all year round with incredible sunshine, a warm blue sea and delicious food. Among its most famous beaches are Mancora, Lobitos and Colan, where you can enjoy days tanning and walking on the sand, whether you decide to stay in a hotel or rent a beautiful beachfront house that will make you think you are on a beach in Hawaii, the Caribbean or Thailand. Mancora has the best hotels in Peru

Mancora is perfect for couples who love the beach and a relaxing vacation. They can enjoy quaint bars and restaurants, boat trips for whale watching, go swimming with turtles or if they want more fun they can rent jetskis and ATVs to ride along the beaches and feel the sea breeze in all its splendor. And we believe there is nothing better than a sunset, a few glasses of wine and a tropical fruit platter to remember the promises made in marriage and the reason why you fell in love with each other.

3. Paracas

Just a three-hour drive from Lima is the bay of Paracas, a place full of marine ecosystems, beautiful landscapes and five-star beachfront hotels. For couples who decide to stay in Lima, this beach resort can be the perfect place to escape the chaotic city, although the best weather is in the summer season. Paracas offers not only beautiful beaches, but also boat trips to the Paracas National Reserve and the Ballestas Islands, which are home to thousands of marine species from whales to seals, birds, crustaceans and fish. And as for adventure, there are extreme boogie rides in the desert dunes, where you can sandboard.

For couples who love history and culture, Paracas was home to the Paracas culture, known for having the most sophisticated textile art in the world. You can visit the Museo de Sitio de la Cultura Paracas, where you will see the marvelous textiles and the amazing elongated skulls that were found in this magical place. Also, just a stone's throw from Paracas, you will find the famous Nazca Lines, made by the Nazca culture that followed the Paracas, which can be seen by booking a small plane ride. Finally, to make the most of the visit, it is recommended to attend the Pisco Route, where you can visit the vineyards and traditional farms that produce grape pisco, the national liquor of Peru.

Honeymoon Destinations in Peru : The SIERRA of Peru

Machupicchu Citadel

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about Peru is its magnificent mountains full of llamas and alpacas, lakes and vegetation, wonders like Machupicchu and charming streets to stroll under the powerful sun or under the romantic night. The Andes Mountains are the backbone of South America and are full of a magic that is reflected in all its cities and towns. Just keep in mind that, unless you want to see torrential rains, the dry months between May and September are the best months to see the Andes. Below we tell you about the top places in the highlands of Peru to spend your dream honeymoon, but they are by no means the only ones. We'd love to talk about them all, so let us know if you want to read more!

4. Cusco

Cusco is the historical and touristic capital of South America, the capital of the Incas, the navel of the world. This city with hundreds of years of history is a mixture of two of the most powerful civilizations that have existed: the Inca Empire and the Spanish Empire. It is full of beautiful Christian temples, but also Inca buildings such as the imposing Sacsayhuaman. The city has a magic that must be seen to be understood and that is transmitted from the picturesque streets to the friendly Cusqueños and their particular cultural expressions.

In addition, in all directions that leave Cusco, with just a couple of hours travel, there are equally magical places to visit; starting with Machupicchu, the most important citadel of America that is a few hours away by train. Another dream place is the Sacred Valley, where you will find hidden villages in the mountains such as Pisac and Ollantaytambo that seem to be taken out of fairy tales. Romance and love seem to be the very nature of the rivers, trees and mountains that Cusco has.

Experiential tourism at the Huchuy Qosqo Archaeological Site

Adventurous couples can also rejoice in the countless treks and honeymoon tours in Peru that the cultural capital of Peru has to offer. They can choose from treks to snow-capped mountains and lakes such as Salkantay and Ausangate, treks to archaeological sites such as the Inca Trail to Machupicchu and the citadel of Huchuy Qosqo or even options such as rafting on the Apurimac River and horseback riding in the Sacred Valley.

Cusco is our hometown in Tierras de los Andes and the region where we work the most. In fact, we are one of the few agencies that offer exclusive lodging in native communities of Cusco, where you can learn about their cosmovision, their traditional way of life and share the delicious food they prepare. We call them Casas Habitante and they are located in Chinchero, Huchuy Qosqo, above Ollantaytambo and have comfortable beds, showers and electricity. If you want to celebrate your honeymoon with an experiential tourism that is responsible with the villagers, contact us and we will plan something very special for you to take the best energies with you!

5. Puno

In the extreme south of Peru and on the border with Bolivia, is another of the most magical places that exist: Puno and Lake Titicaca. This entire lake that divides Peru and Bolivia is full of islands and communities that transport you to another era. This area of the Andes is known as the Collao altiplano and has been for thousands of years a focal point of civilizations such as the Inca and Tiwanaku. The Incas said that their founders, Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo, emerged from Lake Titicaca, the most sacred lake in existence, and even told of a city submerged in its waters. And there is no person who comes to this place that does not recognize the strong energies it has.

We believe that there is nothing more romantic than taking a boat ride on the lake and spending the nights on the wonderful floating islands of Uros made of the totora plant, the magical islands of Amantaní and Taquile, as well as on the sacred Island of the Sun. In Puno, Tierras de los Andes has also made an alliance with the community of Llachón and Amantaní, heirs of the millenary culture of Titicaca, to host tourists in their Casas Habitantes. There is nothing that compares to arriving at such an incredible place and sharing with the people who inhabit it, who have cared for it for hundreds of generations and who will surely accompany you to celebrate your honeymoon with all the love in the world.

6. Arequipa

 Just west of Cusco and Puno, lies the ancient Arequipa, surrounded by mountains and volcanoes. It is one of the most important cities in Peru and has perhaps the most beautiful main square in the country, made entirely of white stone, with carved arches surrounding it and an imposing cathedral that overlooks the snow-capped mountains. Arequipa is full of traditional restaurants called picanterias with the most delicious food there can be and dreamy corners that you can discover walking through its streets, such as the beautiful Convent of Santa Catalina.

Perhaps the most impressive thing Arequipa has to offer is the imposing Colca Canyon, one of the deepest canyons in the world. Not only is it full of extraordinary views, but it is one of the best places to see the condor, the world's largest flying bird. We recommend the Colca to adventurous couples who enjoy challenging but rewarding hikes. There are tours from one day to see the condors to two or three days to see this impressive canyon in its entirety. In addition, you can choose to stay in a hotel or in the traditional communities that have lived in this valley for centuries.

Honeymoon Destinations in Peru : The Rainforest of Peru


Peru is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, as in addition to coast and highlands, it has the impressive Amazon rainforest. Many people decide to return to Peru just to visit the Amazon rainforest, which is much easier to access, cheaper and safer than Brazil. The Peruvian jungle is the perfect place for couples who love tropical climates, wildlife viewing and countless adventures. It has incredible lodges in the middle of the jungle where you can sleep listening to the nocturnal sounds of thousands of animals. And it is also home to Amazonian cultures that until a few decades ago were completely isolated from the rest of the world, which you can visit and even perform their profound Ayahuasca rituals.

7. Iquitos

Iquitos is the capital of the Peruvian Amazon and is the largest city in the world without road access. To get there, you must take a two-hour plane flight or take a boat trip that can take up to a week. This makes it a very special city, full of commerce, surprising cultural life and also beautiful European-style mansions that were built between the nineteenth and twentieth century in the times of rubber exploitation. However, the main attraction of Iquitos is that it has the Amazon River next to it, so it has a lot of boats and even a whole neighborhood that is floating on the river, the neighborhood of Belen.

If your honeymoon dream is to visit the Amazon River, Iquitos is a must as the other Peruvian jungle destinations only have rivers that eventually join the Amazon, but they are not as large and do not have species such as the pink dolphin. Of course, Iquitos is in the northeast of Peru and is usually more expensive than going to the jungle of Madre de Dios. Also, since it is a big city, you have to go farther away to see the wildlife. But the trip is really worth it, with the best luxury lodges and incredible adventures such as piranha fishing and visiting a hanging path over the trees and watching the jungle stretch to infinity.

8. Mother of God

Madre de Dios is the name of the southernmost jungle region of Peru, which is next to Cusco and Puno and therefore is a great option for first time couples who want to see Machupicchu but also the stunning Peruvian jungle. In fact, it is also one of the best jungle regions for the sighting of countless exotic birds such as the cock of the rock. Madre de Dios has two famous Natural Reserves that we want to tell you about: Manu National Park and Tambopata National Reserve.

Manu National Park is a day's drive from Cusco, but it is a trip with incredible views, which gives the opportunity to see the magical village of Paucartambo and to climb the Andes until you reach the transition point where you descend into the jungle. Manu has an easily accessible Cultural Zone that is very popular with travelers, but the lodging offer is not the best. Meanwhile, the Manu Reserved Zone involves taking a boat deep into the jungle and tends to be more expensive, but is an unparalleled experience for wildlife watching couples.

Manu National Park

Meanwhile, the Tambopata National Reserve is located near the capital of Madre de Dios, Puerto Maldonado, so it usually takes a plane from Lima or Cusco to get there. This Reserve offers a biodiversity just as amazing as that of Manu and has an offer of lodges and accommodations of very good quality. In addition, Puerto Maldonado is a much smaller city than Iquitos so it has less impact on the wildlife around and you can find several extraordinary day trips. So if time is not a problem and you are eager to go deep into the Peruvian jungle, this may be the best option for your honeymoon.

9. Chachapoyas

To end this list of magical destinations to visit in Peru, there is Chachapoyas, a little known region that is perfect for couples who are returning to the country to continue exploring. Its name comes from the Chachapoyas culture that was conquered by the Incas and in Quechua means "city of clouds". A few hours from this beautiful city surrounded by cloud forests is the incredible fortress of Kuelap, which is called the "Machupicchu of the north" because it is also a walled city on top of a mountain, but like much of northern Peru is ignored by many tourists.

Equally impressive are the sarcophagi of Karajía, strange humanoid figures that keep inside Chachapoyas mummies and are called by the locals as "the ancient sages". And to put the icing on the cake, near Chachapoyas is the magnificent Gocta waterfall, the third largest in the world with two falls, which was only known by the locals until 2002 when it was "rediscovered".  Overall, Chachapoyas is full of wonders to see and is the perfect place for couples who want a unique trip to the jungle and who want to learn more about the history of this beautiful country.

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