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Almudena Temple in Cusco

Home » Cusco » The main temples and churches in Cusco, Peru » Almudena Temple in Cusco
Home » Cusco » The main temples and churches in Cusco, Peru » Almudena Temple in Cusco

The Temple of the Almudena in Cusco or Church of the Virgin of the Almudena, was recognized as Cultural Patrimony of the Nation in 1972.

It has walls of mortar and masonry, has a single nave that is maintained by the five carved stone arches, the same that support vaults covered with brick pastry.

Inside the temple you will find striking paintings, sculptures of saints, virgins and the figure of Christ that decorate each space. The image of Our Lady of Almudena, a work made by the indigenous sculptor Tomás Tuyro Túpac, stands out, as well as the figure of the Holy Purified Virgin.

Feast of the Royal Nativity of the Virgin of Almudena

Every September 8th, the nativity festivity takes place, a colorful celebration that gathers the faithful, villagers and visitors. An entrance is made with a basket of flowers, leaving from San Francisco to the Temple of the Almudena, to be in the mass, then the next day there is a procession from three in the morning, where only women carry the virgin with dances.

This is celebrated in the Plaza de Armas of Cusco and in front of the Almudena Temple with different dances, where donations are taken to the virgin and at night the tradition is also followed.

Virgen Natividad De La Almudena 1
Virgin Nativity of Almudena Photo: @zug55

History of the temple of the Almudena in Cuzco

Founded and built in 1673, thanks to the contribution of Andrés Mollineaso y Angulo, the Temple of the Almudena was erected in the city of Cusco and it was he who requested the image of Santa María Real de la Almudena to the temple.

For the construction of the Almudena Temple, flat stone and lime were used.

Almudena Pulpit

The pulpit of the Almudena is a work that was initiated by the well-known Andean artist Juan Tomás Tuyro Túpac, however, it was not concluded by him.

It was carved in a single piece of cedar, ordered to work by Bishop Manuel de Mollinedo y Ángulo, said pulpit is composed of three parts: the cup or spherical base supported by a bronze structure where in the middle part is present the image of the Virgin of the Almudena, the parapet or backrest and the voice amplifier. The last two are unfinished due to the death of the author.

Pulpito De Almudena

Where is the Almudena Temple of Cusco located?

The Almudena Temple is located in the Plazoleta de la Almudena, in the Santiago district of the city of Cusco.

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