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House of the Four Busts, Cusco

The House of the Four Busts is one of the most attractive mansions in the city of Cusco for representing the colonial architecture built on the Inca walls. Being a remarkable space that tells the living history that remained with the passage of time.

Location of the House of the Four Busts in Cusco

This colonial mansion is located at Calle San Agustin 400, in the historic center of the city of Cusco.

If you are near the Plaza Mayor, you can walk to the Portal Belén, from there walk down Calle Loreto, turn to Calle Maruri and then to Calle San Agustín, where you will be at your desired destination in just 7 minutes.


With the arrival of the Spaniards to Peruvian territory, several changes in the government structure were taken into account and a mixture of cultures occurred. Thus, it is understood that in order to establish themselves, they chose the most privileged places, such as the city of Cusco, and these were chosen as strategic points to idealize the religion and way of thinking of the Inca settlers.

This same case happened with the current House of the Four Busts, which was built in colonial times and the first to live in that space was Francisco Pizarro, who after his death agreed that the mansion would house future Spanish rulers.

Years went by and who acquired the mansion was the Marquis Don Juan Salas y Valdez, who ordered the construction of the second floor and the decoration of the exterior facade with the four busts of his family.

Today, this space is known as the "Palacio Inka" hotel in honor of its ancestor and cultural origin.

Why is it called casona de los cuatro bustos?

This name was given because at the entrance of the mansion you can see the four busts, the same that represent the Marquis Don Juan de Salas, followed by his wife Usenda Bazan, with the image of his son Fernando Salas and his wife named Leonor de Tordoya Palomino.

What to see and do in the house of the four busts in Cusco?

On the outside you will appreciate the façade, which has a colonial design, with the presence of four busts with a crowned lion in the center and the coat of arms with the figures of a castle, lion, fleur-de-lis, blades and sword.

Upon entering the house you will see the patio with stone arches and other details in flowers and artwork that adorn the site.

Hours and admission prices

Being part of one of the best known hotels in the city, this site is available for visitation according to the regulatory establishment of the space.

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