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Palcoyo Mountain, Mountain of Colors Alternative

Home » Cusco » Tourist Attractions in Cusco that you should know about » Palcoyo Mountain, Mountain of Colors Alternative
Home » Cusco » Tourist Attractions in Cusco that you should know about » Palcoyo Mountain, Mountain of Colors Alternative

The Palcoyo Mountain presents several colors that attract visitors. It is very similar to the famous Vinicunca or 7-color mountain.

What does this tourist destination offer us? The tour is perfect to find yourself, spend incredible moments with a special person, friends and family.

Where is Palcoyo located?

It is located near the snow-capped Ausangate, in the Andes Mountains. It is located in the district of Checacupe, province of Canchis, in the region of Cusco.

What to see and do in Palcoyo?

Along the way you will enjoy the following attractions:

  • Flora en Palcoyo

The "hichu" or Peruvian highland grass will accompany you on the journey to Palcoyo Mountain. In addition, you will be able to appreciate some cactus and small plants typical of the place.

  • Fauna en Palcoyo

In this site it is common to see alpacas accompanied by local people and in many cases you can take advantage of the opportunity to take a souvenir photograph.

Watching the flight of some birds is another attraction as the Cara Cara and Huallatas. Rarely you can see on the route foxes and Chinchillas.

  • Colores que resaltan

The attractiveness of Palcoyo Mountain is due to the set of colors that embellish it and give it a supernatural aspect.

You can see reddish, pink, fuchsia, brown, orange, green, purple and other shades that you will discover during the tour.

  • Bosque de piedras

It is a good opportunity to get to know this forest, which is at 4,900 meters above sea level. However, this trail requires a little more effort.

  • Trekking

This is the main activity you will do in this adventure to Palcoyo Mountain.

Montaña de Colores - Palcoyo.
Montaña de Colores - Palcoyo.

How to get to Palcoyo Mountain?

To visit the Palcoyo Mountain we must leave Cusco very early in the morning. We go to the south of the city, for about 4 hours to reach the village of Palcoyo.

From that point you walk for about an hour or less and when you reach the destination you will appreciate its colorful mountains and near the place is the snowy Ausangate.

Differences between the Vinicunca and Palcoyo Colored Mountains

Differences between Vinicunca and Montaña Palcoyo
Differences between Vinicunca and Montaña Palcoyo

Best time to take a tour to Palcoyo Mountain

The best time to make a tour in this mountain is in the months of May to October. Where the presence of rains is not constant and you can have a quieter trip.

We must consider that the weather is variable, therefore, it is better to take precautions and travel with warmer and lighter clothing in case it is necessary.

Health and altitude to visit Palcoyo

Taking into account that the Palcoyo Mountain reaches 4,900 meters high, you have to have an acclimatization prior to the tour. This can be done one or two days before in the city of Cusco to prevent soroche or altitude sickness.Tomando en cuenta la Montaña Palcoyo alcanza los 4 900 metros de altura, tienes que tener una aclimatación previa al tour. Esto puedes hacerlo uno o dos días antes en la ciudad de Cusco para prevenir el soroche o conocido como el mal de altura.

In trekking is another factor to go prepared with a backpack that carries all the necessary materials, as well as wearing the appropriate clothing and maintaining good health.

Difficulty level of Palcoyo Mountain Trekking

Considering the hours of walking, geographic characteristics, climate and altitude, we can determine the difficulty level, which is easy. It is necessary to apply acclimatization, however, it is not so complicated or risky.

Alternatives to get to Palcoyo

To get to know this magnificent place you can take the following options:

  • On your own: You can take a bus from the city of Cusco in the direction of Checacupe for two hours. Then travel for half an hour to the town of Palcoyo and from there walk for about an hour.
  • With a travel agency: This is the most recommended for being the safest option and will allow you to better organize your adventure. Where the transfer, meals and guide will make your visit the best experience.

Recommendations to visit the mountain of Colors Palcoyo

  • Wear a hat and sunscreen to protect your skin.
  • Bastones de trekking.
  • Mountain shoes.
  • Snacks and water for the road.
  • Money overdrawn due to an inconvenience.
  • Visit the destination with a travel agency.

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Palcoyo Mountain
Palcoyo Mountain
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