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Viewpoint of the White Christ in Cusco (Pukamuqu)

Home » Cusco » All the viewpoints in Cusco | TOP » Viewpoint of the White Christ in Cusco (Pukamuqu)
Home » Cusco » All the viewpoints in Cusco | TOP » Viewpoint of the White Christ in Cusco (Pukamuqu)

Il Viewpoint od the White Christ è uno dei luoghi più alti della città di Cusco, situato sulla collina Pukamuqo dal 1945, da cui si può vedere tutta la città di Cusco, anche tutti gli abitanti possono vederlo da qualsiasi punto della città e vedere che il Cristo protegge la città Inca.

Storia e ubicazione del viewpoint de White Christa Cusco, Pukamuqu

In the beginning, the hill of Pukamuqu (red hill) was sacred, as the Incas at that time symbolically buried the land of their four (Collasuyo, Chinchaysuyo, Antisuyo and Continsuyo), land brought from other countries to this place.

In 1945, the Palestinian Arab colony decided to donate the white statue of Christ, as it had found great favor in the city of Cusco, and local sculptor and filmmaker Francisco Olazo took over the artwork.

The laying of the foundation stone took place during the Inti Raymi festival. In 1974 the figure was glazed to avoid attacks and accidents. The White Christ is about 8 meters high, he has the characteristic open arms that indicate that he embraces all people in the form of Christ, the white color comes from the plaster used for the figure.

The site of the white Christ in Cusco

It is located very close to Sacsayhuaman, northeast of Cusco, about 15 minutes, about 3,575 m from Cusco.

How to reach the Viewpoint de White Christ in Cusco, Sacsayhuamán

White Christ Cusco
White Christ Cusco

We have several options to get to the White Christ: you can go on foot, by cab, or by bus:

How to reach the White Christ from the Plaza de Armas in Cusco?

On foot: From Plaza de Armas you must go towards Plaza Nazarenas, from there you must go up Pumacurco Street until you reach Don Bosco Street and you will see that further ahead is Plazoleta San Cristóbal. From here, walk up a few more minutes and you will arrive at the gate of the Sacsayhuaman Archaeological Center.

To enter the archaeological site, you will need a Boleto Turístico BTCGI, an ID card or a passport; once inside, you will be able to see the Cristo Blanco, located at the other end of Sacsayhuaman.

By cab: From Plaza de Armas you can take a cab to White Christ, the approximate travel time is 15-20 Peruvian soles, remember that there are other archaeological sites to visit besides Sacsayhuaman.

The Bus: The public transportation that will take you to White Christ are E.T. Cristo Blanco or E. T. Señor del Huerto that leave you in the same place and even the last bus takes you to the Archaeological Complex of Tambomachay.

Tour agency: Hiring the services of a tour agency is best if you do not know the city or you have short time or just other tours to do. They take care of transportation, mobility, but you must buy the BTCGI to enter Sacsayhuaman in case you want to enter, remember that to visit the viewpoint of Cristo Blanco the entrance is free.

What to see and do at the Viewpoint del Cristo Blanco in Cusco?

  • From this viewpoint you can see the panoramic view of the city of Cusco.
  • Podrás tomar fotos de la ciudad, los nevados tutelares que rodean esta ciudad.
  • You will be able to take pictures of the sunset and if you go early you will see a spectacular sunrise.
Mirador Cristo Blanco Cusco
Viewpoint Cristo Blanco Cusco

Hours of operation and entrance fee

The entrance to this site is free, so you can visit it from very early in the morning until sunset. If you want to see more points visit the other archaeological sites of Tambochay, Qenqo, Puca Pucara among others.

Remember that the viewpoint of White Christ has a very open area, which allows you to enjoy the whole panorama of Cusco, the figure with open arms represents the most beautiful and most beautiful of the city.

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