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7 devils de Cusco Street

Cusco, continues to enchant and amaze anyone who visits or walks down each street, since each one of them has a story to tell; it has curious names, some in Quechua and others with the number seven, as is the case of the street of 7 devils.

Particularly curious name, because in our previous article we talked about the street 7 angels and 7 little devils is located a few steps from this one. This street has a very curious history, first it has nothing to do with something ghostly.

According to the locals, in colonial times, having a relationship in plain sight was a bit difficult, which is why many young people in love used to meet in this street.

In addition, this street is not so visible is where lovers gave free rein to their desires and it happens that women became pregnant frequently, that is why the street became a cursed street, from there the villagers named the street seven little devils.

Also, over time the former mayor of Cusco Daniel Estrada Perez placed an angel holding the number seven between the streets 7 angels and 7 devils, which are now quite visited by tourists.

Why visit the seven devils street of Cusco?

In the place you will find hotels, restaurants and tourists who visit the place, in addition this place has beautiful houses of stones and flowers that embellish its walls.

How to get to 7 devils street from the main square?

To get to this famous street from the Plaza Mayor you only have to take the slope of the Admiral and the street seven snakes, then go to Choquechaka Avenue and go up the street Atoqsaykuchi until you reach the street 7 devils.

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