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Park (Plaza) España of Cusco

The Plaza España of Cusco was built in allusion to the Spanish foundation of the city, it is located on Paseo de los Heroes Avenue and next to the Arch of Puente Rosario.

In the beginning this place had the name of Plazoleta de la Alameda, it was built at the beginning of the twentieth century with the opening of the Railroad Avenue, as noted by the historian Roel Apaza in 2013.

It is known that in 1908 this site was called Plazoleta de Manco Ccapac, the provincial institution of Cusco also wanted to name the entire avenue with that name, but in the mid-twentieth century was built in the middle of the square to a bronze Indian, who was named after Manco Ccapac.

For that reason, each date of the Day of the Peasant (June 24) they celebrated it until before it was stolen, fact that happened at the end of the XX century. Today this place is known as Parque España.

Of course, below this park we can see that there is another park where there are 6 heroes.

How to get to Plaza España from Plaza de Armas?

To get to this park from the Plaza de Armas you must go all along El Sol Avenue until you reach the archaeological site Qoricancha, from there you go to the arch of Rosario. Then you go down to Paseo de los Heroes Avenue and right on the corner you will find España Park.

What to see and do in Cusco's Plaza España?

There is not much attraction in Plaza España itself, but you can see that in the surroundings there are stores, hotels and the most beautiful thing is that there is the Paseo de los Héroes with the image of the six national heroes who transcended in Peruvian history.

Among the characters there are:

  • Coronel Francisco Bolognesi
  • Jose Abelardo Quiñones
  • Miguel Grau Seminario
  • Andrés Avelino Cáceres
  • Comandante ladislao Espinar
  • Mariano Santos Mateos
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