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Cathedral of Ayaviri

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Home » Puno » Tourism in Ayaviri » Cathedral of Ayaviri

Considered as one of the best expressions of the colonial architecture, the Cathedral San Francisco de Asis of Ayaviri enchants with the Andean baroque style that predominates in its ornamentation. In the same way, it has one of the most important façades of all the highlands and it has three columns in each of its formations.

The construction began in the late seventeenth century, was driven by the parish priest Juan de la Borda with the support of indigenous labor for many years and in 1941 was declared a National Monument of Peru for the great historical value that has this beautiful cathedral. Undoubtedly, for lovers of cultural tourism, visiting this religious space will leave them a pleasant experience from the first time they see it until they get to know all its features.

Where is the Ayaviri Cathedral located?

This priceless architectural treasure is located near the Main Square of the district of Ayaviri, in the province of Melgar, in Puno.

What to see in Ayaviri Cathedral

The monumental building of the Cathedral of Ayaviri stands out for its elegant façade, the decoration that is maintained throughout the structure, the carved sculptures along with the contrasts of color that are visible to any visitor and the details that better highlight the artistic work that was left as a patrimonial inheritance.

It is so valuable for the architectural that dominates, likewise, by the grandiose paintings that depict the passion of Christ and the life of the Virgin Mary. These artistic works are displayed throughout the nave and are valued as materials of such brilliant ingenuity, made by the Cusquenian painter Isidoro Francisco de Moncada.

Images of the Ayaviri Cathedral

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